The 1800 Select Silver Tequila


If you’re tired of premium tequilas that only bang at 80 proof, you might be interested in a 100 proof bottle that you can mix with other ingredients to make an entirely new drink. Margaritas 1800 recently released the 1800 Select Silver Tequila. Unlike other tequilas in the company’s cache of drinks, this one is impressively smooth. Below you will find more information on this new tequila drink.

1800 select silver tequila

The Good

* Smooth high-proof tequila
* Great to use one any cocktail especially with heavy mixers
* Has a sweetness that overpowers the high alcohol content

The Bad

* At 100 proof,the limit for any drinker is really just one to two shots

Product details

* Made from 100% blue agave
* Double distilled
* 50% alcohol volume
*  Sells for $35 for 750 ml

With its high alcohol content, it is extra strong. This tequila  is distilled twice over and is blended with a small portion of aged tequila. This adds a smoothness to the drink that’s different from other tequila products. Tequila connoisseurs should be able to detect and appreciate the change of pace brought on by this silver tequila. You obviously cannot slam too many drinks with this product. It is, after all, 100 proof, which is a mile ahead of the 80 proof tequila bottles. That’s the difference between 50% alcohol content and 40% alcohol content.

Notes about tasting:

The 1800 select silver tequila has an intoxicating and tangy sweetness with a slight hint of agave. A velvety entry taste leads to a warm, balanced palate of citrus and sweet bouquet. The sweet agave taste loses itself to a sweet and sour  finish.

If you want to truly enjoy this tequila, make a margarita or load it in a mixer to make tall drinks. You can also use it to make short drinks. You can use it to make a Cantarito, Dirty Bird, Paloma and the like. For short drinks, you can try The Rhube, Passion Cocktail and Mexi-tini. But that’s just some of the drink ideas we have, you can make other cocktails for yourself and your friends. Just click here to get some ideas.

The 1800 Select Silver Tequila was released in April 2008. In 2014 and beyond, you can still enjoy the taste of the smooth tequila taste.  We can’t remind you enough, however, of the alcohol content of this silver tequila. At 100 proof, it’s definitely not something for weak drinkers.