The 56 Julep


Jimmy Russell is an expert distiller with over 56 years experience distilling at Wild Turkey. This is his special and unique mint julep recipe showcasing the strong flavor of Wild Turkey 101 bourbon. This higher proof bourbon does not get diluted with water easily and creates a stronger julep which is more flavorful.




Ingredients needed are:

2.5 ounce Wild Turkey 101 bourbon
6 to 8 mature-sized leavesof mint
1.5 teaspoons brown sugar
half a cup crushed ice

How to prepare:

Inside a double old-fashioned glass or silver julep glass, muddle the  mint with the sugar and 1 oz of Turkey 101 bourbon for a couple of minutes, mashing the mint leaves using a spoon.
Pour the crushed ice, the rest of the bourbon and garnish with a sprig of freshly spanked mint (take a mint sprig, place it in your hands and clap to discharge the scents).