Angel’s Envy Bourbon


What is the one thing you hate about lower-priced bourbons and scotches? If you are like us it is that impure alcohol taste. Of course, there is that sticky sweet taste of corn whiskey. After a few swigs of that, I feel as though I am drinking down melted candy corn from Halloween.

If you are looking for a bourbon that you can truly appreciate, then look no further than Angel’s Envy a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been aged for 4-7 years and finished for an additional 3-6 months in “port pipes” otherwise known as casks that held fortified wine from Portugal. It is obvious that Lincoln Henderson knows exactly what should be done, there is absolutely no shudder when drinking this. While it may be young it is a quality dram. This is the type of whiskey that is gong to stand out in a crowd and a sub-$50 price range bourbon that you can genuinely recommend to your friends. For the past few years, I honestly did not think such a thing existed!

Angel's Envy Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Nose: Generally a standard bourbon nose, mixed with black cherry syrup, sugar cookie, marzipan, and the slightest hint of blackberry jam.

Palate: Features a medium body with a fairly heavy burn on the tongue. Once the burn has cleared the sweet corn and berries can be tasted with a distinct oak flavor. After the burn has subsided, the sweet and delicious flavor will fill your body and palate.

Finish: There is the port. This is nice and long with bounties of fresh berries, ruby port, oak tannins, and the slightest hint of charred wood.

Overall: This is a conservative take on the port finish. The bourbon is allowed to take center stage while the port is regulated to the background. The experimentation is very nice to see and the flavoring and aging techniques are are welcome addition to American whiskey. Before long we all may be able to sit down and enjoy a sherry finished bourbon! With a very reasonable price, this is a pleasant and easy to drink experience that you are sure to enjoy.