Angel’s Envy Rye


From the Ingenuity of a Master Distiller comes Lincoln Henderson’s modern take on bourbon that took the American whiskey scene by storm not so long ago. Now Angel’s Envy has returned with a 95% rye whiskey with a Caribbean Rum Cask finish. This special brand was highly popular and sold out quickly. 


The Creation of Angels Envy Rye 

The rye used is selected from Midwest Grain Products (formerly known as LDI) the source of many independently-bottled ryes in production these days. The Mashbill is made of 5% barley and 95% rye. New American oak barrels will age the rye for the first 6 years before it is transferred to the Caribbean rum casks for the final 18 months of aging.

These Caribbean rum casks were quite an ordeal to source, Lincoln Henderson is said to have sampled over a hundred different rums before selecting the casks that would perfectly finish his Rye. The superior product was then transferred to a iconic “Angel Wing” Italian glass bottles at 50% ABV, an improvement in bottling proof from the port-finished bourbon that had been released before.

Nose: To the nose Angel’s Envy Rye is a spicy assortment cloves and cinnamon flowing atop a undercurrent of molasses. The rum finish is expressed by hints of fresh cane juice, coconut and after tones of caramelized sugar. There is also something vegetable about the smell, similar to root beer.
the spiciness and sweetness of the rye will compete for dominance under the nose. A robust experience.

Angel's Envy Rye

Palate: The rum finish is defined more clearly to the palate along with hints of caramel, black pepper and –There is that molasses again like an exciting take on Blackstrap Treacle. The burn at 50% ABV is certainly present in a strong way but is nicely balanced by a steady sweetness. Very Flavorful

Finish: Quite Long! Cloves and Crystallized ginger with burnt sugar flavors on the slow burnout. The burnt sugar notes were a bit too acrid for me, but another sip keeps the flavors moving along.

With Water: As if by magic the flavors of black licorice and cake frosting are released with a just a few drops of water, the same to the nose and the palette. A few drops of water benefits the rye in a remarkable way.

Overall: Make no mistake about it; this is one spicy brew, all of the special rye characteristics are present in truck loads, and perfectly highlighted with layers of sugary caramelized rum. The flavors complement each other much in the sameway a brown sugar in a spice cake or apple cider with a sprinkle of spice.

For a just over 7 years old, Angel’s Envy Rye comes across much older than it appears, in terms of flavor. Had this selection been any cheaper or more readily available, I would have named it a “Must Try”. The price and quantity may be a bone of contention for some, but for me, I just want to enjoy my bottle while it lasts.