Ardbeg Corryvreckan


Ardbeg Corryvreckan is quite simply a Scotch Whisky masterpiece.  When I first got a whiff of this dram, I was really amazed at the deep, vibrant and tart flavors that were present. The “Juicy Fruit” notes were perfectly matched with a wisp of smoke, giving it a refined and delicious aroma. I was beyond shocked when I realized that this bottle contains an astounding 57.1% ABV. This isn’t nearly as strong as the traditional high cask strength whisky, but it is very smooth with a barely noticeable burn. I had to do a bit of research to verify that this was more than 46% ABV.


Nose: Astringent, seaweed flavored peat, yet it is missing the hard burn that I normally associate with Ardbeg. It has a surprisingly floral background that is somewhat difficult to detect, with a tart citrus in the front of the nose. It is quite intriguing, as there are many additional flavors present that I cannot discern. Adding a little water does not dilute the aroma in any way.

Ardberg Corryvreckan

Palate: Very tart, pineapple notes. There is a burst of fruit noted that is reminiscent of Juicy Fruit gum. This turns into a smoky flavor that is not far too woody or filled with tar. The tart fruitiness contains notes of lime and blood orange, and perhaps several fresh berries. It is mild and sweet with a peat that is bright and bursting with citrus. Adding a bit of water enhances the sweetness and makes the flavor similar to that of a fruit juice cocktail. This makes the sweetness become unbalanced against the peat in my opinion, which is why I prefer it without the water.

Finish: It is long and smoky, leaving hints of toasted spices and tobacco, as well as cinnamon, clove. There is also a bitterness generally associated with citrus rind.

Corryvreckan is named for a whirlpool in Islay, which is located in Europe. There are some marketing tactics used to sell this, but you can ignore all of this. This is a good dram, even though there is no declaration of age, and it is certainly worth the money. Since it is $80-$90 a bottle, that is a bit out of my price range, but I would pick some up for a special occasion.