Ardmore Traditional Cask Scotch Whisky


Already home to the famous Teacher’s Highland Cream, the Ardmore distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has recently released the Ardmore Traditional Cask Scotch. This fine scotch comes under the ‘light medium peat’ classification and is sourced from a local bog. The scotch is double matured, firstly using American oak, before continuing its journey in old school quarter casks. The specifics of this scotch perfectly place it as a unique, yet affordable Scotch whisky. Indeed Ardmore Traditional Cask Scotch may have a short time on the shelves, but makes an excellent choice for a satisfying fine whisky.



Ardmore’s Advantages

– This is a unique and rich Highland malt Scotch boasting a wonderful peat tone.
– An interesting and pleasing dimension has been produced by the second maturation in quarter casks.

Ardmore’s Cons

– The smoky taste can give an initial surprise.
– The US market has only 3,000 cases for retail.

Ardmore Traditional Cask Whisky

Ardmore Traditional Cask Scotch – A Delightful Description

– A double matured whisky.
– Production is by Ardmore Distillery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  Master Blender: Robert Hicks, Distillery Manager: Alistair Longwell
– Importation is by Beam Global Spirits & Wine
– A 750ml bottle retails for approximately $45 to $50.
– This whisky is 46% alc/vol and 92 proof.
– Release date: March 2008

The Guide Review

The aroma of this Traditional Cask combines creamy peat with fresh fruit. The opening is rich, yet pleasantly smooth, with the peat immediately giving an appearance. Whilst this whisky certainly has an initial punch, the sweet vanilla and gentle fruit tones balance it well. The finish makes a lasting impression for all the right reasons – full, soft, succulent and lingering.

The Traditional Cask can be enjoyed at full bottling strength, or alternatively performs well with a touch of water to bring out the dry, fruity aroma. The price tag that accompanies this whisky makes it ideal as a mixer, in fact the smoky and peaty tones make this an perfect ingredient to many great Scotch cocktails. To bring out the best in this whisky as a cocktail ingredient, as well as doing the Scotch the justice it deserves, always use good quality mixers.  For excellent cocktail suggestions try the Godfather, the Rusty Nail or the Rob Roy.