Aventinus Schneider Weisse


If you are looking for a truly unique drinking experience, there is nothing quite like TAP6, otherwise known as Aventinus. This is one of the top nine fermented wheat beers put out by a Bavarian brewing company out of Munich, Germany known as G. Schneider & Sohn. Since 1872, this is a brewery that has been putting out only the best in high quality wheat beers.

In years gone by, the German Purity Law was in full swing in Germany and there were only a handful of brewers that were allowed to bring grains into the mix besides malted barley. Looking the region, the only area where these brewers were located were in Bavaria. Even then, you needed to have permission through the Bavarian party that was ruling and there was a small fee attached to that right. History shows that pilsner was known to be a much crisper and cleaner drinking beer than many of the Bavarian counterparts in the region.

Aventinus happens to be one of a pair of beers that are brewed through Schneider & Sohn, with the other being TAP7 or Original. The Schneider & Sohn Brewing Company uses a tried and true set of methods that date all the way back to the actual inception of the brewery. Once introduced Mathilde Schneider back in 1907, this beer was named after a Bavarian humanist historian from the 16th century known as Johannes Aventinus.

Aventinus Details:

Style: Weizenbock
Alcohol By Volume: 8.2%
Serving Temperature: 57-65 degrees F

This is a brew that is well known for pouring very dark along with a rich, heavy head that is long lasting. The color of Aventinus is a beautiful, unfiltered dark maroon mixed with a mahogany hue that has a bit of a red tinge. Upon reaching the senses, this is a beer that gives off an aroma that is the equivalent of fried banana with a sugar crust along with a mix of coriander seed and clove, with a slightly grassy note and a yeasty bread undertone. Aroma brings you roasted grains along with wheat oat and plum. For fruitiness, you get a nice balance that comes along with a malt, bringing you a lovely caramel flavor.

If you like a beer that has a slight bit of tang, yet is also sweet and smooth, Aventinus is for you. The subtle spiciness mixed with perfect bitter makes it a beer that a variety of brew enthusiasts love.