Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey


Folks who love a smooth and very mixable sipping bourbon whiskey will love Basil Hayden’s premium straight Kentucky Bourbon. Aged for eight full years, this amber whiskey contains a balanced hint of citrus and spice. One of the small batch collections from the Jim Beam family of whiskeys, Basil Hayden’s is a true find that has sadly been overlooked by many bourbon aficionados.




The Basil Hayden brand offers up one of the most gentle and soft bouquets of any bourbon distilled today. While the slightly sweet notes of citrus dominate, you will also sense aromas of oak and vanilla as well as a dash of white pepper. If you are a true bourbon connoisseur, you may also note the caramel, soft honey and a touch of orange peel.


Basil Hayden

Body & Palate

The light body of Basil Hayden’s says finesse instead of brute flavor. The oh-so-slight flavors of orange peel, white pepper, lemon and corn notes are balanced by subtle hints of cinnamon and rye spice. This flavorful profile makes Basil Hayden’s a subtle treat — perfect for a special whiskey session. During those times you simply do not want a bold bourbon, you will appreciate the subtleties of this truly exceptional spirit.


There are many bourbons for which some connoisseurs consider a short finish a defect. Basil Hayden’s fits perfectly with this style. The finish is rather dry and also rather brief. It provides a pleasant cinnamon-pepper flavor which will refresh your palate before leaving you with a slight vanilla-oak taste.

To sum it all up, Basil Hayden’s is a truly wonderful bourbon whiskey which is sadly under-appreciated by many enthusiasts of good bourbon. Try it as a wonderful aperitif before a meal. You will find it leaves your palate intact and the light citrus and pepper notes make combine for a tremendous session whiskey that, while complex, is never dominating. This bourbon is the perfect choice for mixing.

Remember the name Basil Hayden for the next time you want to sample a truly great bourbon.