Beefeater London Dry Gin Review


When it comes to gin, it goes without saying that one of the most popular names that will jump into the mind at first is Beefeater. This is a London Dry Gin that is quite famous with anyone who is familiar with spirits in general. As a matter of fact, Beefeater London Dry Gin is always popular with each and every generation of consumers who love a great martini. With classic styling of their famous bottle as well as their signature taste, this is truly one of the most sought after gins on the market today. When you stop to think about it, there are very few gins that you can depend on the way that you can with Beefeater. Since it is readily available, there should be no reason why you would not see it at any of your local establishments serving cocktails.   Beefeater London Dry Gin Why Try Beefeater?

    • This is by far the signature gin on the market that is a must for anyone who loves the best spirits.
    • A gin that goes perfectly in any cocktail, Beefeater is amazing in any gin and tonic, gimlet or martini.

    • When it comes to London Dry Gins, this is not only a premium choice but also one that is available at a very reasonable price.
    • No matter where you look, the chances are incredibly high that you will find Beefeater just about anywhere.


    • Beefeater is distilled with classic juniper, orange and lemon peel, licorice, coriander, orris root, almond and angelica
    • This product has been made since the 1870s in the Kennsington, London and is imported via Pernod Ricard.
    • As of 2009, this is the only London Dry Gin that is still distilled on London.
    • 80 proof or 40% alcohol by volume, there is also 47% alcohol by volume in Japan,United States as well as retail markets in highly traveled areas.
    • Beefeater will usually come in at around $22 retail for a 750ml bottle


When it comes to the rich history of a spirit such as Beefeater, it takes quite some time to cover all of the bases. This is a gin that got its start back in the 1860s after the Chelsea London distillery was purchased by the founder, James Burrough. Here, a variety of gins were produced and within a decade this became the number one spirit being produced. When you look at the numbers, along with other gins, about three out of every four bottles that are imported into the U.S are Beefeater. The picture on the label is quite recognizable and is inspired by the Beefeaters, or the guards at the Tower of London.

Since Burrough perfected the formula for Beefeater gin, the recipe has never been changed. There are still the same eight botanicals within, making juniper the main character of course. When sipping, you still get the same dry and wonderfully pleasant aftertaste. With the same process and recipe, you are guaranteed to get a delicious and familiar drink each and every time.


Many people who drink Beefeater will tell you that this is a delightful mixture that is both spicy and fruity. You have a great balance with a focus on the classic juniper. While this is a gin that gives you a dry note, you still have the lovely herbal bouquet along with the signature citrus notes with the dry finish.