Black Velvet Toasted Caramel


Gilbey Distillery in Toronto made the first batch of whiskey deemed Black Velvet in 1851. The whiskey was orginally named Black Label, but distiller Jack Napier recommended the name change to Black Velvet. He thought that the smoothness and taste of the whiskey was better reflected this way. During the 1950’s, everyone wanted Canadian Whiskey, which led to the liquor stores themselves having to ration out the product until the distillery could ramp up production of Black Velvet. This of course made even more people want the product, and so Black Velvet subsequently exploded in popularity.

The company Black Velvet is located today near the Rocky Mountains, close to some of the historic whisky sites in Lethbridge, Alberta. The crystal waters that are in close proximity to the Canadian Rockies are accessible by the distillery. The Black Velvet whiskey is distilled in the exact same manner that was used by Jack Napier in 1951 when he produced quality, crafted Canadian whiskey.

There is both corn and rye grain in smaller amounts used in the distillation of Black Velvet. There are four main columns used in the distillation process for Black Velvet, and the rye and corn liquors are done separately. The columns are: Beer column, rectifying column, fusel oil column and the extraction distillation column. The columns utilize both mesh and copper trays to make sure no contaminants get into the whiskey. This has everything to do with making sure Black Velvet is not only clean but crisp tasting.

Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whisky 3

The whiskey really starts to shape up when the rye and corn spirits are mixed. The rye high wines are what gives Black Velvet its fruity and spicy flavorings. The blending at birth technique is what is used for corn spirits and rye high wines, and they are put together in oak barrels that are new and charred. That is how the two spirits are distilled to create the extremely flavorful Black Velvet whiskey, which is known throughout the world for its smooth taste.

One more step must be taken in order to create the toasted caramel version of Black Velvet whiskey. Natural flavorings of toasted caramel are added to the finished product to create this version.

This whiskey smells of hot toffee, toasted oak and caramel. The smooth and toasted whiskey has just enough hints of sweetness to ring your bell as you sit nice and toasty in front of the fireplace.

For your palate, you are treated to flavorings of warm pepper, maple syrup and a nice citrus pith. A rush of butter cream hits you as the pepper flavorings become more intense and flavorful. A rye essence and all the flavorings coming together to make toasted caramel take precedence when you drink this version of Black Velvet, and the notes of whisky trail in the background. Then the sweetness that starts it off gives way to rye and pepper spices that start introducing you to the whiskey flavor.

Delightfully clean with just a tad of heat, this whiskey surprisingly finishes long. And, then you are treated to those rye and peppery spices glowing in your throat as the toasted caramel no longer masks them.