Bulldog Gin


This brand was released in 2006 during the Chinese Year of the Dog.  It has a very distinctive and eye-catching bottle that is stout, dark and has spiked color around its neck.  Bulldog Gin is a very captivating liquor, but it won’t make a vodka drinker start drinking gin.  Instead this gin is for gin lovers.  It’s a real honest gin that is full of an array of flavors that aren’t found in any other spirits.  This gin is what sets the Martini apart from all other drinks.  To say the least, Bulldog Gin is very complex.




  • Excellent Dirty Martini (the company calls it Dirty Dog)
  • Ideal for drinks that have a complex flavor profile
  • Unique botanical blend that sets it apart from all other gins


  • None

Bulldog gin


  • Dry Distilled London Gin, made in the UK, quadruple-distilled
  • Distilled with poppy, dragon eye, juniper and other botanicals
  • 40% alcohol/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for approximately $28 per 750ml bottle
  • Released in 2006

Guide Review

Although gin must have juniper as its dominant flavor in order to really be gin, the other botanicals that are distilled in the gin are what distinguish one brand from the next.  The flavoring ingredients included in Bulldog Gin are dragon eye and poppy, both of which are notable in its taste.  The familiar herbal taste of poppy is very similar to the poppy seeds that are found on top of some breads.  So what is dragon eye?  It is a fruit native to China that is similar to lychee and also known as Longan.  People have been using Dragon Eye since ancient times for stimulating sexual stamina and vitality.

Bulldog Gin can be used to make an endless number of different cocktails.  The Dirty Dog is quite impressive when olive brine is played off of sweeter citrus, while at the same time beautifully pairing the dark aspects of the gin.  Sweetness can be played off by Bulldog Gin also.  A great example of this is the Cherry Bitch which includes a whole array of sweet fruit, ranging from apple to cherry, in a mix displaying the sweet side of things.  The natural stimulating effects of the dragon eye make it quite appropriate for helping to ease hangovers from the Hair of the Dog’s spiciness.

Tasting Notes:

Gin lovers will love this amazing experience, which starts with a full citrus and floral bouquet that completely tantalize one senses, inviting you to guess what their sources are.  The initial flavor introduction is subtle juniper.  It then leads into numerous botanicals in a crisp harmony.  New notes are found with each new sip, with juniper, citrus and lavender dominating.  The grand finale of the Bulldog Gin journey is a floral, warm and short finish.