Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve Whisky


There are U.S. whiskies and then there are Canadian whiskies, and then there is the Canadian Club’s 30 year old reserve whiskey.  Released in late 2008 in celebration of the Club’s 150th year, this limited edition is not only celebrating over a century of distilling whiskey but providing an example of what Canadian whiskey can be if treated with quality and care.  Superbly smooth with superior oak flavoring, the reserve whisky is best served on its own as you’ll want to taste it.  However, you must act quickly as there are only 15,000 bottles available and while they are predicted to last the winter they will more than likely fly off the shelves before the season passes.



The pros of this whiskey:

  • Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve WhiskyA superior smoothness with high quality oak texture
  • Elegant bottling and presentation to celebrate the Canadian Club’s 150th anniversary
  • An outstanding sipping whiskey that surpasses other Canadian whiskies.

The cons of this whiskey:

  • It is rather costly standing at $199.00 per bottle
  • It is a limited release.


  • The Canadian Club reserve whiskey has been aged for 30 years
  • The whiskey was distilled in Walkerville, Ontorio, Canada
  • It was released to celebrate the clubs 150th anniversary
  • It was bottled and imported by The Canadian Club Import Company
  • The whiskey was bottled at 80 proof or 40% alc.
  • The retail price is $199.00 per 750ml bottle.

A guide review for this whiskey:

The Canadian Club has undoubtedly outdone themselves by producing this 30 year old reserve whiskey.  By aging for 30 years it has surpassed event the oldest of regular lines by 18 years and is definitely the smoothest of all Canadian whiskies I have tasted.

There are various types of whiskey available worldwide, but the Canadian Club’s 30 Year Old Reserve Whiskey is one of the most spectacular of them all.  With its dark spirit, strong oak flavoring and velvety smooth texture, this 30 year old reserve whiskey is one of the most high quality sipping whiskies of any blended varieties.

I have not ventured further than sipping this Canadian Club whiskey; well, with the small exception of sipping it in a signature cocktail for the Movember charity event hosted at the Canadian Club.  The cocktail was The Burgundy, a great drink all ’round, and is comprised of 1/12 parts whiskey, 4 parts ginger ale and a dash of cranberry juice presented over ice.  If you haven’t tried this you should, however it may be too good for the average whiskey sipper.

Some notes of whiskey tasting:

This reserve whiskey begins with a strong and sweet flavoring displaying hints of cinnamon and spice behind an oaky nose.  The smooth entrance leads to a enticing tendency for caramel and molasses with some hidden oak and cinnamon.  It finishes with touches of velvety smooth decadence while maintaining the spiciness of cinnamon and increasing the hints of caramel.