Captain Morgan Rum


First produced in 1944 by the Seagram Company, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has quickly become its namesake. The famous rum is now owned by Diageo and the name is among the most popular rums to be found not to mention one of the best selling distilled spirits available in the world today.

Captain Morgan Rum

The Legendary Captain Morgan

Named after the famous Captain Henry Morgan (1625 to 1688), this Welsh Privateer (a name for a legal pirate) is famous for his achievements when the English fought the Spanish in the Caribbean during the mid 1600s. Henry Morgan was renowned as a fierce invader having huge fleets of ships as well as an enforcer of brutal as well as torturous punishments. He assisted in establishing the English Colony of Jamaica and there he served as Lieutenant Governor. Knighted by the King he died in Jamaica during the year of 1688 as a very wealthy man.

The Captain Morgan Label

The cornerstone of the portfolio is by and far the original Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. perhaps one of the best selling liquors on the market today especially in the United States. Crafted from a blend of Caribbean rum and a secret blend of spices and natural flavors it is aged in oak barrels. With a mellow spice it’s one of the more smoothly spiced rums touting a 35 percent alcohol by volume or 70 proof as the liquor industry says.

Captain Morgan Black is a black strap rum that is made with select secret spices and natural flavors and produces a very dark spiced rum. This rum is 47.3 percent alcohol by volume and a 94.6 proof.

If your seeking something higher proof you may wish to try the Captain Morgan 100 proof spiced version of the rum. This higher proof version of the same as the original, just a higher proof. More intense in flavor and the spices are also more intense. 50 percent alcohol by volume and of course, 100 proof.

Captain Morgan Spiced RumCaptain Morgan also has a Private Stock. This blend of select rum is deemed to be the best of the best. Ideal for sipping and much smother than the original. With 48 percent alcohol by volume and 80 proof you simply can’t go wrong here.

Silver Spiced Rum is a lighter version of the original. More vanilla is tasted in this version and it’s much lighter as well as drier. Ideal for mixing in a cocktail at 35 percent alcohol by volume it’s a 70 proof version of the famous rum.

Should you prefer a touch of lime, you may like the Captain MOrgan Lime Bite. This silver rum flavored with lime and spices is formulated to taste great with a beer or a lemon lime soda. At 35 percent alcohol by volume it’s a 70 proof liquor.

Captain Morgan Tattoo is a darker and more boldly flavored rum made from aged Puerto Rican rums.  Spices are hotter and it has hints of fruit in the mix. At 35 percent alcohol by volume and 70 proof this is a winner.

Long Island Iced Tea Captain Morgan Rum is a ready to drink rum mix of vodka, gin, whiskey and triple sec. It has a 17 percent alcohol by volume and 34 proof.

Parrot Bay This version has an entire line of flavored rums that are produced by the Captain Morgan company using Puerto Rican Rums. It includes such flavors as coconut, mango, key lime, orange, pineapple, strawberry and passion fruit. At 21 to 24 percent alcohol by volume it is a 42 to a 48 proof rum.

Drinking Captain Morgan

There are many ways to enjoy Captain Morgan rums. Popular as both straight shots and mixed in soft drinks or cocktails, it’s perhaps the most popular of all liquors. Many Captain Morgan fans have it on hand as the primary rum and mix it with anything on hand.