Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky


Nestled deep in the Scottish highlands, the Chivas distillery has been crafting palate pleasing whiskies for over 200 years. From that lush background of whisky distilling experience comes a new release, Chivas Regal 25 year old scotch whisky. Perhaps it should take its place as one of the seven wonders of the whisky world. This blend’s predecessor was first seen back in 1909, enrapturing the taste buds of the cream of New York society. With that early audience in mind, Chivas blender Colin Scott has veritably recreated that succulent Scottish masterpiece in the form of the new blend. But what’s it like?

Drawing from the responses of those who’ve tried it, it is safe to say that the whisky is a hit. Many people have referred to it as smooth, masterful, beautiful. Others have commented on the superb packaging, which also makes it a great gift–no wrapping necessary. The bottle, bold, muscular and heraldic, also sports similar insignia from the 1909 bottle design. From amateur to connoisseur, whisky drinkers up and down the spectrum agree that there is something decidedly special about this blend.

Chivas Regal 25 year Scotch Whisky

And now for some tech specs. At $299 a bottle (750 ml), this 25 year old top-shelfer is not the easiest on the wallet, nor is their much available quantity. But in terms of quality, it is perhaps one off the best scotches you will ever taste. Imported to the United States by Pernod Ricard, this amazing sipper was first seen on shelves back in 2007. Its alcohol content weighs in at 80 proof, or 40% alcohol by volume.

Certainly, this whisky is meant to be sniffed, sipped and shared. Encompassing flavors of peach and apricot, this slightly fruity blend is complete with a chocolate, nutty finish. While the eighteenth amendment temporarily robbed the public of the similar 1909 blend, the 2007 brings it back with a vengeance. After twenty five years in the casks, this whisky undoubtedly commands the attention of all serious whisky drinkers, and stands as proof of Chivas’ quality.

With an enduring legacy like that of Chivas Regal, you can count on this 25 year old blend being a hit with all whom you share it. Over 100 years since its predecessor first appeared on the shelves in America, this resurrected relic has finally come home.