Clearheart Rum


As much as I like gin, I was very intrigued when I heard that Clearheart was releasing a new rum. This was very surprising news since smaller distilleries tend to be very limited with the number of different spirits they offer. Even so, Jeff Quint and the rest of the Clearheart team have managed to pull it off. The company consists of just a handful of people, yet they are now producing vodka, brandy, rum, gin and a few other spirits. They also continue to produce their signature wine. The fact that they are planning to expand means that this may be just the beginning.

Now that they are expanding their horizons, there is question about whether or not their quality will suffer. The taste of this rum shows that there may be nothing to worry about. The molasses used to make it is from fresh cane and the product has been distilled twice, which makes this rum very clean and wonderful. Unlike other white rum, the flavor is very rich, with toffee notes in the background. This makes it great to enjoy after having supper.

Enjoy Clearheart Rum

Most of the time I use this as a mixer, but it is not tropical in flavor, which means that the taste can get lost if combined with too many other flavors. This does not mean that you cannot use it to make a great daiquiri or a Knickerbocker, but it may get lost in something like a Bahama Mama. This rum is also great to use as a base for hot toddy and other smooth drinks. If you are into Bolo cocktails of Boston Sidecars, this is a great choice for that.

While I am going on about how great this rum is, there is something about it that is even more exciting. The makers have held some of the rum in a barrel and they are allowing it to age into a dark rum. I am going to make sure to have Fish House Punch waiting for the day this is released.