Looking for a new cocktail? Or want to make your own? We have a huge number of tasty & delightful cocktail recipes from mixologists all over the world. Whether you desire a classic drink, a party favorate or perhaps a unique mix, you will find there’s cocktail recipe for every single taste and celebration. What are you waiting for? Browse through these recipes and begin mixing!

Pimm’s Cup

Pimm’s Cup is the official sunny afternoon of England.  Just like Mint Julep is tied to Kentucky Derby, Pimm’s Cup is the official drink of Wimbledon.

Gentleman’s Press

An old favorite gets little fancy: Gentleman’s Press melds Tennessee Whiskey naturally with the bubbly freshness of ginger beer and a hint of lime. 

Mint Green Old Fashioned

This newly created Old Fashioned is bright green and it’s perfect cocktail to sip on in St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Maid

Considered as a delicious mid-day cocktail, Irish Maid is a sweet and floral drink and is an alternative to whiskey sour. 

Pomegranate Vodka Fizz

Upgrade your brunch cocktail and make this bubbly drink that is spiked with vodka and pomegranate. 

Oreo Coffee Hot Chocolate

Spike your hot chocolate with bourbon.  The Oreo Coffee Hot Chocolate is a fun drink and a great treat on a cool day