Frozen / Blended

Looking for a new cocktail? Or want to make your own? We have several tasty & delightful frozen and blended cocktail recipes from mixologists all over the world. Whether you desire a tropical drink, a party favorate or perhaps a unique mix, you will find a cocktail recipe for every single taste and celebration. What are you waiting for? Browse through these recipes and begin mixing!


The Mudslide is a great frozen mixed vodka drink, ideal for sipping in hot summer.  So ditch your shaker and bring out your blender for this rich, creamy and cold cocktail.

Strawberry Pisco Sour

If you like Pisco Sour, you would like this strawberry infused cocktail that is suitable for serving to group of friends.  This blended drink has a sweet, creamy and citrus flavor that is served neat up.

Baileys Mocha Monkey

We put Baileys on ice cream, cakes and Baileys has different cocktail recipes.  Baileys Mocha Monkey is a frozen drink that is sweet and creamy and very light.  So indulge yourself tonight with this boozy milkshake. 


Blend a classic mojito and you get Frohito.  This tropical cocktail is by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and has a sweet and citrus flavor.  It’s difficult to make because you need to prepare mint syrup as well.  This recipe would yield few glasses.

Don Julio Colada

You don’t have to drink Don Julio Colada out of coconut shell or tropical cups to enjoy the variety of delicious flavors.  This blended cocktail is from Don Julio Tequila and has creamy, fruity and sour flavor.


If you like Sazerac, try this frozen version of this classic cocktail by mixologist Tad Carducci.  Spazerac has a sweet and sour flavor yet it’s strong and perfect for hot summer times.