Looking for new Hot cocktails? Or want to make your own? We have several tasty & delightful warm drink recipes from mixologists all over the world. Whether you desire a special cocktail for a holiday party or perhaps a unique mix to warm up, you will find a recipe for every single taste and celebration. What are you waiting for? Browse through these recipes and begin mixing!

Oreo Coffee Hot Chocolate

Spike your hot chocolate with bourbon.  The Oreo Coffee Hot Chocolate is a fun drink and a great treat on a cool day

Rusty Apple Toddy

Take a sip of this hot drink to warm up your whole body. 

Malibu Mudslide

Enjoy this rum spiked warm drink that has white chocolate and whipped cream. 

Whisky Skin

Warm up with this hot scotch cocktail. 

Hot Gin Punch

Make this warm and sweet punch to keep a large group happy. 


Warm up tonight with this unique brandy and wine based cocktail.