Looking for a new Shot or Shooter? Or want to make your own? We have several tasty & delightful shot recipes from mixologists all over the world. Whether you desire a special shot drinks for a party or perhaps a unique mix for a night out, you will find a recipe for every single taste and celebration. What are you waiting for? Browse through these recipes and begin mixing!

Jello Shots

This is a fun drink made by vodka and rum and it’s the party favorite.  Get your flavored Jell-O and learn how to make this Jello Shots recipe for your next party.

Master Cleanse

This is an alcohol twist to detoxing with maple syrup and lemon juice. 

B-52 Shot

B-52 is believed to be originated in 19070s by a bartender and fan of the iconic band.  Mix up three different liqueurs to make classic guilty pleasure drink.  This creamy shot is strong and delicious.

Snap, Crackle, Drop Tequila Shot

Upgrade your tequila shot with this recipe and make it little bitter and sour flavor.

Tequila Furnace

Spice up your tequila shot by adding some Tabasco sauce. 

Agave Drop

Another great tequila based shot that has all the flavors of a Margarita