Compass Box Scotch Whisky


In the old-world of Scotch whisky, The Compass Box Whisky Company is new but it is making quite an impact in boutique whisky. It was founded by John Glaser in 2000 and within this short time period, he’s explored the complete range of Scotch, from the peatiest malts to the rich grains. While the Compass Box’s standard bottling are all quite impressive it’s the reserves which stretch the boundaries of Scotch as you may understand it, sadly however most of these are limited releases.




Compass Box Hedonism

Hedonism is a total 100% grain whisky which is a rarity among Scotch whisky. Once the vatted grain is combined with a bit of time in the American oak casks, the resultant product is a luscious Scotch that has notes of toffee, coconut, and vanilla. Individual whiskies are aged from 12 to 23 years and actually come from some of the finest distilleries including Cameron Bridge, Cambus, and Caledonian. The exploration of the realm of Scotch is the examination of all aspects and this particular grain base is completely stunning and is available at a great price.

Alc/volume (86 proof): 43%
Vatted Grain Scotch
Retail Price: Around $80/750ml bottle
Release Date: 2000

Hedonism Maximus

Compass Box Hedonism Maximus

In the limited edition Hedonism Maximus you will walk into a richer as well as deeper Hedonism. This is the blend of an Invergordon whisky 42 years of age and one 29 years of age from the oldest distillery of Scotland continuously operating, the Cameron Bridge. In Compass Box’s portfolio it is the shining light and is a splendid Scotch. This extra-old variety of the popular Hedonism has all the similar aspects however in an intensified form, with notes of vanilla, burnt toffee, coconut, and caramel making an appearance. For Scotch lovers unfortunately, this lovely beauty has a quite limited release of just 1500 bottles out of which only around 600 will reach the United States.

Alc/volume (92 proof):46%
Vatted Grain Scotch
Retail Price: Around $300/750 ml bottle
Release Date: October 2008

The Peat Monster

Compass Box Peat Monster Scotch Whisky

The name of this scotch will reveal quite a lot about its profile. If you absolutely love full-flavored malt against a string malt background then then this monster is quite highly recommended for you. Each facet of the bottling is earthy, a bit heavy on the peat and just smoky enough as to give a lovely balance to the whisky. The blend includes whiskies that are aged anywhere from 10 to 15 years in first refill casks from the Ardmore and Caol Ila distilleries. The Peat Monster however is anything but scary, that is unless you prefer whisky’s sweeter side, and is a taste that is acquired but yet still an adventurous one.

Alc/volume (92 proof): 46%
Vatted Malt Scotch
Retail Price: Around $45/750 ml bottle
Released Date: 2003

The Peat Monster Reserve Edition

The Peat Monster Reserve Edition Scotch

This limited edition of The Peat Monster first impressions of are anything but subtle. As a matter of fact it makes you stop, and take it the smoky aroma as you enjoy every earthy sip. The best description of it is simply 2 words- Holy Peat! The Peat Monster Reserve will very clearly indicate to you the profile of peat and after tasting it you will be able to identify it in any other Scotch afterward. The downside to this bottling is that it’s a limited edition (2000 bottle only for the United States) and is only available in magnums, however The Union of Earth and Water is worth getting while it’s still available. To get a hold of this super-peaty Scotch a  blend of Islay single malts from famous distilleries, 2% of a northern Highland malt from French oak, and a peated Speyside single malt are combined. The Peat Monster Reserve is uplifting, spectacular, and is definitely a whisky that you will be chatting about for years to come.The hope is that it will be released again.

Alc/volume (97.8 proof): 48.9%
Vatted Malt Scotch
Retail Price: Around $175/1.75 liter bottle
Release Date: October 2008