Don Julio


When he was just 17, in 1942, Don Julio Gonzalez established his first distillery for tequila. Ever since, his name and his tequila have been synonymous with indulgence. The tequila is now a portfolio of tequilas with 100% blue agave that have something for everyone, from the sweetness and light of its Blanco to its 1942 Anejo. It is really a matter of your choice as to which will be your favorite. There is the distinct kick of pepper in the Real and 1942 and then there is the smooth-sipping Anejo, which is perfect for other people.




With a nose full of tones of sweet, baked agave and caramel, Blanco will remind you of eating agave fresh from the oven. Its thickness is unusual in a blanco and it has a delicious caramel flavor that goes straight to the finish. This is crisp tequila that is perfect for mixing whatever tequila cocktail you can visualize.

Blanco retails for around $50/750 ml bottle

It is bottled immediately, with no aging

Don Julio tequila


Produced by Don Julio, the Reposado tequila is a jewel of its type and is usually considered the master tequilero that changed the Reposado category’s production. It possesses notes of honey and cinnamon with a bit of a smoky finish and flavors of herbs throughout. You can do what you like with this tequila; it works chilled, neat or mixed, but it’s all good.

Reposado retails for around $55/750ml bottle

It is aged for 8 months


Our own favorite spirit in the brand is Don Julio Anejo, which is fragrant, luscious and thick. This tequila is smooth and sweet, very much like brandy. The Anejo starts with the essence of rose, oak and sweet agave along with a light entry that is followed quickly by caramel that has notes of a little bit of chocolate that is at the same time smooth and robust. It finishes long, oaky and warm with genuine agave sweetness.

It retails for around $60/750ml bottle

It is aged for 18 months


Don Julio 1942

Don Julio 1942’s name reveals its taste as being distinguished, old and refined, even though it is a commemorate bottling, not made in 1942. It is straw-colored, thick, aged tequila that is full of the smell of vanilla, cherry and fresh-cut straw that shows off its intricacy. It has the taste of cinnamon and warm oak with a finish that is long brown sugar with exploding notes of pepper.

1942 retails for around $125/750ml bottle

It is aged for at least 2 1/2 years

Real Extra Anejo:

Even more than the Anejo, the extra aging that the two tequilas that are at the top receive adds interesting notes. Five years of aging in oak have created a never-boring experience of Don Julio Real. It has a nose filled with herbs and oak, with just a hint of citrus and its palate vacillates between a peppery note and a rich, dark, chocolate caramel which shows up in the finish.

Real Extra Anejo retails for around $350/750ml bottle

It is aged for 3-5 years