Dos Lunas Tequila


The Dos Lunas Tequilas are very impressive.  The bottles they come in as well as their tastes are quite elegant.  These are 100% distilled from blue weber agave that grows in the Jalisco highlands near Zapotlanejo.  An all-natural process is used; no chemicals or additives are used for color, flavor or for accelerating the fermentation process.  The presentations are fine examples of real tequila that needs to be appreciated for their mixability, smoothness and taste.  Any of these tequilas can be used for transforming common tequila cocktails into extraordinary ones.

Dos Lunas Tequila

Dos Lunas Silver Blanco

This is a very nice silver tequila.  One of the best I have tasted.  It may not spend a long time in the barrel, however the complexity of Dos Lunas Silver is similar to some lighter reposados.  In addition, this is just simply a very fine tequila to experience, either alone in a snifter or in any mix.

This tequila is lush, herbal and sweet and carries a pure and clean medium-bodied palate.  The experience is topped with a peppery finish that has a sugary fade to it.

•  Retails for approximately $40 per 750 ml bottle
•  San Fransisco World Spirits Competition, 2007 Silver Medal Winner
•  International Review of Spirits, 2006 Bronze Medal Winner

Dos Lunas Reposado

In terms of creating “culinary cocktails,” this reposado is the crown jewel of Dos Lunas tequilas.  You can either mix Dos Lunas Reposado with Cinzano dry vermouth or something similar or experiment with something more exotic, like fine flavored liqueurs or all natural ingredients.  It is very flavorful and well-rounded, while at the same time not over rested.  This tequila is very well worth stocking on at least a semi-regular basis given its reasonable premium price.

The warm fragrance is comprised of caramel and oak waves with floral notes.  It has a velvety and rich taste with added oaky sweetness that is finished off with a peppery warm finish that fades away slowly.

•  Aged inside white American oak barrels for 9 months
•  Retails for approximately $50 per 750 ml bottle
•  International Review of Spirits, 2006 Gold Medal Winner
•  San Fransisco World Spirits Competition, 2007 Silver Medal Winner

Dos Lunas Anejo

This is an incredible Anejo.  Although it is lighter than a majority of Anejos, particularly in terms of oak notes.  I like it on the rocks or neat, the way I enjoy most Anejos.  However, it is worth mixing this one.  Also, it is practically a crime to not mix it with Margarita, Tequini, Envy or whatever else you would like to make the finest tequila cocktail you have ever tasted.

This tequila offers a sweet, light, fresh hay aroma and along with a bright floral rose.  It has a smooth, silky entry with delicate lemon, orange and caramel palate.  Its short finish grows more complex and warmer with delicious, sweet notes of straw, agave and oak.  Pleasantly smooth and also richer than the other tequilas from Dos Lunas, it is top of the line.

•  Aged inside white American oak barrels for 18 months
•  Retails for approximately $60 per 750 ml bottle

About Dos Lunas Tequilas

•  Production (distillation and bottling) takes place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
•  100% Weber Blue Agave, super-premium, double-distilled tequilas
•  Importer: Dos Lunas Spirits, LLC
•  40% alcohol/volume (80 proof)
•  Presentations: Anejo, Reposado, Silver, Grand Reserve (10 years aging inside Spanish Sherry casks)

Dos Lunas Bottles:

These bottles have a very elegant design, with a lean, tall column of frosted glass that tapers towards the top.  Every presentation has its own unique appearance that matches its color and age: Anjeo- warm copper; Reposado- light gold; Silver- clear and white.  The cap is slightly rounded and a flat oval, which makes it very easy to open and close while hiding the cork enclosure at the same time.  When you cork one of these bottles, you need to pull up because the cork inside might break if it is jiggled around too much.