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5 Vodka Martinis You Have to Try

Although one can always appreciate a man who has a go-to cocktail, it’s easy to get into a drinking rut, even if you’re James Bond.  Why not shake up your vodka Martini regimen (pun intended) and add a few new twists to this classic cocktail.

Are there any unconventional Martini recipes that are go-to cocktails for you?

Powerful Cocktails to Help Cure the Common Cold

Are you getting a cold? The first thing your friends might do is offer you a box of tissues and a hot drink.

There are many elixirs previously used for medicinal purposes before being transformed into drinks for pleasure. Definitely, there is no doctor who will prescribe one of these elixirs. However, mixing some alcohol with some common cold medicines might do the trick. So, take a glass and the following ingredients and let’s toast to you fighting that terrible cold. Try out some of the following cocktails and you’ll start feeling better soon enough.

5 Can’t Miss Whiskey Cocktails

Whiskey really is a spirit with something for all. From bourbon swigging cowboys to socialites sipping on a Mint Julep, there really is a whiskey cocktail to suit all tastes. If you like something spicy then try rye, if your tastes are a little sweeter try a Bourbon and if you like something raw and edgey grab a bottle of moonshine.

With such a variety, give your whiskey and coke a break and try these new drink recipes.

5 Fabulous Classic Cognac Cocktails

Have you ever tasted a cognac cocktail? If not why not, but even if you have then keep on reading. Here are a few examples of superb cognac cocktails.

Cognac is the “water of life” – a delicious French spirit which originates from Cognac in France (as if you hadn’t guessed). When sipped straight it has a delightfully deep flavor but it can also be used to make some delicious cocktails.


Cognac is a complex spirit created from fermented grapes and creates cocktails with distinctive flavors. Here are a few classic cocktails made from cognac.

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

Anyone looking for something delicious and refreshing, will enjoy X-Rated Fusion. A new, high quality liqueur that is an import from France; this is a liqueur that hit the market back in February of 2006. The pink color draws in the eye and goes well with the flavor combination of mango, passion fruit and Provence blood orange with a premium vodka base. Truly a unique flavor blend, this is a wonderful twist that is just right for sipping alone on ice or spinning into one of your favorite cocktails. If you are in the mood for something special or a beverage that you can share with someone special, X-Rated Fusion is just right for almost any occasion.

Understanding Sake

Although sake is described as “rice wine” it is, in fact, brewed in the same way that beer is. It is clear in color, and has a low proof alcohol which is made from yeast, water and koji as well as rice.

The category of a sake is based on several aspects. The grade and style, as well as the amount of polishing the rice receives, all contribute to the quality of the sake. The label on the bottle will often have this information on it, in order to indicate the quality of that particular sake.