Emperor Vodka


You might have noticed a prominent label that reads “Ultra Premium Connoisseurs Vodka” on an Emperor Vodka bottle. This is not just a resounding marketing slogan but it holds what the vodka exactly is. The Cognac region of France is the source of water for Emperor Vodka which is brewed and distilled at least six times, filtered through charcoal and is made from selected grains. Its price tag is an amazing $30. If you are fond of grain vodka, then Emperor Vodka connoisseurs should provide you with an additional ingredient in your cocktail recipe alongside an amazing sipper.


  • It is a clean and marvelously smooth vodka
  • On the rocks or surprisingly chilled


  • Its availability is somehow limited


  • Emperor Vodka is distilled at least six times, filtered through charcoal, and is made from pure selected grain.
  • The product is imported by Emperor Brands LLC directly from France.
  • Contains 40% of alcohol per volume.
  • A bottle of 750ml costs around $30.
  • The vodka was released in May, 2007.

Review Guide

People who value the finest vodka that is served in a chilled glass may find exactly that on a bottle of Emperor Vodka. The natural taste of Northern France grains is reserved in the drink in order to maintain the undertone of grassy taste notes. This game changing liquor outshines the other vodkas it its class and guarantees you a genuine taste that makes you feel the actual drink.

You will get the best results by serving your Emperor Vodka chilled. You quickly do this by chilling both the bottle and the glass before serving. You might also want to make it more refreshing by blending with a few dashes of aromatics plus an orange bitter. A cocktail can also me created using Emperor Vodka making sure that you mix with the correct mixers that will not fade off the original taste of the vodka. The best drinks to add to the cocktail includes April Rain, Vodka Martini or Campari Cocktail.

Testing Notes

The Emperor Vodka is dominated by clean and fine taste of slight citrus and a freshly cut grain. The drink makes a smooth entry that leads to a grassy and wheat notes leaving behind a warm and scrumptious taste. The end is marked by an amazing robust, sparkling and a short finish.