Glen Garioch 1991 Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Are you familiar with the Glen Garioch Distillery in Scotland? They produce one of the world’s finest single malt Scotch whiskies. Their product is highly regarded by Scotch lovers around the world — especially those of the single malt variety.

Glen Garioch became even more widely known when they released their 1991 vintage Scotch.  This single malt Scotch is, without a doubt, one of the truly exceptional whiskies available anywhere.



The Bouquet

This wonderful 19 year old Scotch offers a bouquet with a hint of honey. Some have also commented on wisps of hazelnuts, marzipan, orange peel and a bit of peat smoke.

Originally established in 1794, Glen Garioch is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. Between 1968 and 1972, however, the distillery was shut down due to a severe water shortage. Fortunately a “silent spring” was discovered in 1972 on a neighboring property, and the water shortage was resolved.

The Body & Palate

With nearly 20 years of age, the 1991 Glen Garioch single malt Scotch has had ample time to develop a fine body. Because it was distilled in the cool coastal temperatures of Aberdeenshire, near the North Sea, it has a pleasant oily viscosity. On the palate, many have commented that Glen Garioch 1991 offers a scent of ginger, orange peel, hazelnuts and pound cake. Some have often noted black tea notes in tastings.

The Finish

The finish of this excellent Glen Garioch single malt Scotch is pleasing and complex. The fine smoky peat tones are complemented by a slightly salty marine finish. Indeed, this is a Scotch that is wonderful, complex and completely pleasurable dram after dram!

If you are a true single malt fan, plan on adding a bottle of Glen Garioch 1991 to your collection. It will continue to deliver you pleasure and and you will be proud to serve it to your friends and associates.

True, it may not be the easiest Scotch whisky to find. But when you do, you will be highly rewarded for your effort!