Glenlivet 18


Glenlivet is not only one of the largest Scotch whisky distillers in the world; it is also one of the most famous. The range of whiskies they offer from their distillery in Speyside appeals to all palates. Their 18 year offering is recommended to both amateurs and enthusiasts.

12% to 13% of the volume of the 18 is sherry-matured spirit, which is odd since the Glenlivet is staunch in its use of ex-bourbon barrels for its maturation. Although Glenlivet chill-filters its malts, there are no coloring agents added. In addition, this particular addition to the Glenlivet range has an increase in ABV to 43%.


A bouquet of cinnamon, vanilla caramels, confectioners sugar, graham crackers and green apple notes greet the nose. This is an excellent selection if you enjoy a fruity aroma to your drams.

Palate and Body

The medium body of the Glenlivet 18 coats the mouth slightly as you drink it. Cinnamon flavors co-mingle with wood notes on the palate, giving way to the warm honeyed notes, burnt caramels, vanilla custard and apricot.

Glenlivet 18


The medium length finish of this dram makes is perfect as an aperitif before a meal, or alternatively, paired with cheese and fruit for dessert. The abundance of almond and hazelnut notes give way to summer peach, tea spice and dried apricot. A finish that is very pleasant indeed.

With Water

Water ups the acidity and thins the body to a certain extent, killing the palate in the process with a watery result. Skip the water.


The 12-year has an interesting inclusion of the elements of green apple. the 15 has some of that, but by 18 that element has almost gone entirely, leaving no sweetness or woodiness or even much complexity. Whatever was happening in the barrel during those extra 6 years was unfortunately doing very little to elevate this casual standard whisky. Having said that is it difficult to beat a decent, drinkable 18 year for a price as low as under $80.