Grey Goose Vodka


Grey Goose is a name that has become synonymous with quality vodka and a brand that is so good that all other vodka brands are compared to it.  When the cognac Maitre de Chai, Francois Thibault announced his intention to draw on his considerable spirit-making skills to create a vodka, there was a certain amount of skepticism in the region.  Over many years as cellar master, Francois Thibault developed a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and knowledge necessary to create fine quality spirits.  Today Grey Goose Vodka is enjoyed around the world and has earned the title of the “world’s best tasting vodka”.

Grey Goose Vodka

In crafting the extraordinary, every step in the process of creating this super premium vodka is overseen by the cellar master, from the selection of the finest ingredients, through a process that ensures that only the best characteristics are captured in the final product, to the bottling stage. Grey Goose vodka is only distilled once, making use of a continuous column-distillation process to ensure that the quality of the French grown wheat is preserved.  The original clear vodka has now expanded to include four flavored vodkas, each individual delicate flavor lending a sophistication to the smooth taste of the clear spirit.

The Importance of the Spirit Base

In the proud tradition of French quality spirits, the creation of the base spirit starts with the selection of the finest wheat grown in the Beauce region of France, where pristine spring water is naturally filtered by limestone.   Every aspect of the process that leads to the experience of a crisp, soft vodka taste is as refined as the finished product itself.  A five step distillation process is carefully followed according to the expertise and diligence of the vodka artisans who created it, leading to the final smooth, delicately clean flavor of Grey Goose vodka.


Grey Goose super premium vodka by Grey Goose Importing Company is produced from select French wheat and bottled in France and is  80 Proof – 40% alc./volume

Grey Goose Vodka Flavors

Grey Goose flavors

In keeping with the prestige and notoriety of the Grey Goose name, only the finest flavor sources at peak ripeness and to create the delicate infusions used in Grey Goose flavored vodkas.  Each of the four bottles is adorned with a unique impressionist painting, depicting the flavor inside, peeking through frosted glass with the famous flying goose silhouettes above.

1. Grey Goose La Poire

La Poire is infused with the essence of ripe French Anjou pears which lends a fine balance to the vodka of enduring flavor and sweetness.  The soft, inviting pear flavor is enhanced by the floral bouquet and honeysuckle fragrance.  The crisp finish contains a delicacy and bliss that can be likened to a dewy spring morning.

2. Grey Goose Le Citron

Only the finest lemons in France, including the famous and renowned Menton region are selected for use in Grey Goose le Citron.  The concentrated and complex citrus oils are extracted in a process that preserves the bright flavors of the fruit and a hint of the tree leaf and the citrus flowers. Fresh, sweet lemon flavors fill the nose followed by waves of rose and lavender.

3. Grey Goose La Vanille

The warm and inviting flavor of French vanilla beans with undercurrents of sweet cocoa enthrall the senses while the silky, warm vanilla and molasses caress the tongue with a sweet and sugary indulgence.

4. Grey Goose L’Orange

A delicate balance is achieved with sweet oranges and an herbal bouquet that fills the senses with a rich bouquet, long before the tongue has tasted the fresh, natural seductiveness of orange perfection.  L’Orange vodka is reminiscent of a warm, autumn day in the afternoon light.

Pick your favorite, but don’t limit yourself to only one until you have tasted them all.