Hennessy VS Cognac


Hennessy is probably the most appreciated and well-known name in the cognac world. Their V.S. bottling is the youngest in the product line, thus being the least expensive as well. Despite this fact, priced at $30 a bottle, Hennessy V.S. is comparable with many other brands on the market. Although not the best, this is still a good cognac, suitable for mixing and reliable, a cognac you can count on for various occasions.



  • Perfect choice for various cocktails
  • Popular & great availability in the market


  • There are other smoother cognacs in this price range


This cognac has been aged in Limousin French oak casks for up to 8 years. It represents a blend of about 40 cognacs.

It is imported by Moet Hennessy USA and it can be found in shops for about $30 per 750ml bottle. It has 40% alc/volume.

Brief review of Hennessy VS

Hennessy VS

Hennessy V.S. is definitely not the best choice of cognac available. If you are looking for an exquisite experience in smoothness and style, there are other products of the Hennessy house which are far superior. However, this bottling is just perfect for mixing, therefore you can use it for any brandy based cocktail you can imagine. you wouldn’t use a very expensive cognac for cocktails, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, there might be consumers who think the $30 price tag is still too much for using it to make cocktails, but gin and vodka isn’t any cheaper, therefore this is not such a valid argument anymore. The Hennessy V.S. has a boldness that makes it perfect for mixing, since the other liquors in the cocktail will tame this boldness in a way that’s very pleasant to the taste. If you want something that’s a bit better, you can get the Hennessy VSOP for just a little bit more money.

Thinking about cocktails I would use Hennessy VS in, I can mention the Champagne Bowler, the Japanese Cocktail or the Sidecar. All of them are very simple, allowing the drinker to experience the taste of the cognac without its harshness. This cognac can also be used in more modern cocktails like the East Side Press which is the perfect combination of spiciness given by the ginger and smoothness given by the egg, all mixed in a balanced and rewarding cocktail.

Hennessy VS


Tasting Notes

Hennessy V.S. Cognac has a bold character. Its sweet wood and nutty flavors make it unforgettable, a presence that won’t pass unnoticed in a room. It has a warm palate enriched with floral notes. The wooden flavor, although quite strong, is still pleasant in a bold way. It gives character to this outstanding drink. The medium-length finish has a spicy note with slight accents of burning, everything leading into a final wood touch.