Introduction to Wine


Wine has long held a huge reputation within the alcohol world. Seen as the “classy” alternative to beers and spirits, wine comes with its own niches and clubs all across the world. However, there is more to wine than the quick hit it delivers – from wine tasting clubs to the countless varieties of wine out there, knowing your stuff is important. There is so much to learn in the wine world that it could take you years to piece it all together. However, understanding the basics might make your life a little bit easier to manage – and that knowledge could stop you buying a bottle that will make you sick!


The History

Wine has a long and elegant history – with the first mentions of it as far back as 6000 BC. It was a key part of the Roman and Greek Empires, and it has always played a huge role in religion. Associated with everything from the blood of ancient Egyptian gods to the blood of Christ, wine has been playing a huge role in human culture for thousands of years.

The Method

Made from fruits which have fermented, usually grapes, wine is one of the oldest drinks around. Because grapes can ferment without having to add extras like water or sugar, it can turn alcoholic without anything needing to be done. Yeast then forms to consume the sugars inside which is what creates the alcohol.

The name of a bottle tends to come from what was used to make it, whether it was rice or elderberry or the traditional grapes. Wine can be made by pretty much any fruit. Please be aware, though, that some “wine” is merely a fortified beverage and not a true “wine”.

The majority of wine is made using a European brand of grape like Pinot noir and Merlot. It is these varieties in the grapes that makes it such an all expanding drink – it can cover just about any fruit, nevermind the huge variety of grapes out there.

If a wine is a fine mix of different grapes, it is known as a “Blended” wine. If it is predominated by a specific kind, it is referred to as a “varietal” wine.

wine basics

The Taste

Depending on your stance and your own taste, you may find that a Blended wine is your preferred type, while your closest friend prefers varietal. This different type of wine making for each style, using different ingredients, is a very important part of what the final taste will actually be like!

Depending on the country you are in, you may find that the “Classification” of the wine itself has changed. For example, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece & Italy alone all have unique classifications that they use. This means that understanding the wine world outside of your own culture is important to save you from making some grave mistakes when you are abroad.

For many years, wine has been the choice of drink for millions across the world. To some, it is extremely refreshing and to others it’s a taste they simply cannot master. Either way, wine has always been one of the quickest acting tonics and gets through your system at an incredible rate. If you become a wine drinker, you’ll need to be prepared for the hangovers that come with it!