Irish Whiskey Basics


The Irish whiskey is regarded as the best and the greatest styles ever produced in the country and the world at large. Below is a quick guide to help you understand the Irish whiskey and distilleries in the Irish market.





There are currently three well known distilleries in Ireland that are well known and recognized in the sector. The distilleries are Middleton, Cooley and bushmils and even though we have other small and up and coming ones in the Irish market, these three are the most active. Midleton and Cooley are found and located in the republic of Ireland whereas Bushmill is located in Northern Ireland. It is very important to note that all Irish whiskey has its origins from one of these distilleries that have been mentioned bellow and just like the Scottish distillery market, each and every distillery has specialized in production of certain brands but, sometime produce other related brands on contractual basis upon request.Bushmills distillery is well known for production of both still whiskey as well as grain whiskey, while Cooley and Midleton distilleries specialize in the production of both grain whiskey and pot still. In most instances scotch whiskies are in mostly double distilled, while the Irish whiskies are distilled foe more than three times and above.


The Irish laws that govern distillery industry are very strict and there is a mandatory requirement that all distilleries operating in the country have to adhere to certain threshold before being certified to operate in the market. Most importantly, all whiskies are required by law to be of a minimum of at least three years and above in barrels.

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey Styles

Single malt Irish whiskey is by requirement supposed to be at least 100 percent malted barley at a  distillation plant close to pot still.

Grain whiskey is considered very dilute and mild in style and is made out of corn or wheat flour while grain whiskey is procured in column still and grains from wheat.
Blended whiskey is composed of almost 90 percent Irish whiskey produce. Famous product like kilbeggan and Jameson are some of the blended Irish whiskeys. Another style of blending that is mostly regarded in the Irish whiskey market is pure pot style.

Potcheen or Irish moonshine are not required meet the minimum threshold and are therefore exempted from the stiff age requirement. The American white dog is another famous brand that is also exempted from the age requirement rule; this is basically a new brand of spirit that is very popular in the Scottish whiskey market. Apart from the mentioned brands of whiskey in the market, there are very many brands in the Scottish market that are relatively rare and not well known to many whiskey consumers in the market; the reason behind this is perhaps lack of publicity. Knockeen hill brand and Bun ratty are perhaps some of the most common brands that have not been given the publicity they deserve, despite being very popular in the market.