IS Vodka


IS Vodka is a clean and smooth spirit that made its first debut in the United States in late 2008. This septuple-distilled vodka is made from traditional European wheat (non genetically modified) and brewed using Icelandic water. If you need a well-chilled sipper or a mixed cocktail, the IS Vodka it the best choice. However, the availability is limited and might be hard to find one.




  • Clean and smooth vodka
  • Can make the best vodka cocktails
  • Has greater value for your money – a $40 IS Vodka tastes the same as a typical vodka costing $60
  • It is packed in a stylish and spectacular bottle that is worth showing off.


  • The initial availability is quite limited.

IS Vodka


  • The IS Vodka is brewed using Icelandic spring water and traditional non-genetically modified wheat from England and distilled at least 7 times.
  • The vodka’s master distiller is Peter McKay.
  • It is imported and distributed by Viking Glacier Spirit Inc. in Austin, Texas.
  • Contains 40% alcohol content per volume.
  • A bottle of 750ml retails at $39.95.
  • It was officially released to the U.S market in late 2008.


The IS Vodka is one of the classy ultra-premium vodka that adopted the current trend of using the unblemished water from the springs of Iceland. The brewing process of IS Vodka is quality-checked to ensure that the Icelandic water is not contaminated throughout the process.

The distillation process ensures that the European wheat loses its taste through a seven times trip through the still. The resulting taste gives a smooth and refreshing sensation. This makes it a perfect refreshing sipper and if you feel like mixing with other mixers, then the resulting cocktail will be breathtaking.

Holding an IS Vodka bottle on your favorite bar will draw some attention giving you some sensational pride. This is because of the elegantly designed classy bottle that is worth showing off.

Tasting Notes

The IS Vodka’s warm taste reflects the smooth, clean, refreshing and watery fragrance of the vodka. The natural additives of silky, smooth herbs and burnt oranges is also prominent in its taste notes. Taking a sip of the IS Vodka ends with a magnificent finish blended with a slight touch of a spice and an epic fade.