Jameson Irish Whiskey


When you think about Irish Whiskey, Jameson is one of the first brands that comes to mind. Virtually every liquor store and bar in the United States carries it and it’s reasonably priced. It goes down smoothly and has a robust flavor. The company has a reputation for being reliable and this whiskey is great for sipping on or simply keeping in stock for guests.





  • Affordably priced for most people
  • Popular and can be found virtually everywhere
  • Jameson works well for making an Irish coffee
  • Smooth and flavorful character works well in mixed drinks requiring Irish whiskey


  • Some find the flavor too robust.


  • This blended form of whiskey goes through a triple distillation process and is created in copper pot stills using high quality barley
  • The aging process includes port pipes, bourbon barrels and sherry butts
  • A 750 ml. bottle sells in the states for $20 or so
  • Originated and produced in Ireland by the well reputed John Jameson and Son

Jameson Whiskey

Guide Review:

Dublin, Ireland, had a distinctive reputation in the late 1700s as being home to fantastic whiskey producers. John Jameson wanted to join in this group of creators and make his mark on the distillery institution. Beginning his company, he insisted upon using the best products and processes in making his whiskey. He maintained the operation at one distillery to make certain that every batch was created to the same exacting standards he laid out. Using only the highest quality barley available and casks that met his requirements, Jameson began the company in the Old Jameson Distillery. In subsequent years, the ideals and dedication he began have been relocated to a newer distillery known as Midleton Single Distillery.

He utilized a variety of casks, understanding the woods and the unique flavors they would impart for the blending of the various products. For those who appreciate whiskey, the flavor is wonderful for sipping or to use in virtually any cocktail recipe calling for Irish whiskey. It is delightful in Irish Eyes and adds to the creamy nature of this cocktail. It works well for Irish coffee and blends in smoothly to many other cocktails.

Tasting Notes:

The delightful Jameson Irish Whiskey has subtle tones of oak and butter. The malted barley is lightly sweet. In addition to the fragrant tones, it is very palatable in the same manner. However, consumers will note that there is a spicy nut tone to it. The honey and smoky undertones are delightful.