Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky


When it come to blended Scotch whiskies, Johnnie Walker is certainly one of the world’s most famous brands.  Each marque carries its own individual color designation, from blue to gold to green to black to red.  The highly regarded Blue Label is an exceptional blended Scotch whisky that is at the pinnacle of Johnny Walker’s offerings.  Each Johnny Walker Blue Label bottle comes in its very own silk-lined box, along with a unique serial number on every bottle and certificate of authenticity.  The presentation completely implies quality, exclusivity and luxury.  The bottle’ content certainly are not a disappointment.



Johnnie Walker Blue Label, on the nose, offers a nosegay of rununculas, roses, dried lavender and floral notes.  With time notes of pipe tobacco, Seville orange, lemon peel, raisin and leather emerge.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch

Palate And Body

The Blue Label from Johnnie Walker is a mouth-coating, full bodied and rich whisky.  At the forefront of the whisky are cedar wood shingles, tobacco, dried plum and hints of toffee.  As it is caressing the palate, there are flavors of brown sugar, rose petal, orange marmalade and peeking out from behind the soft smoke certain.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label, on the finish, delivers exactly what you would expect from a super-premium Scotch whisky, which is elegance and complexity intertwined.  There are big smoke notes that emerge, clearing the previous fruit notes from the plate, with the end featuring more tea spice and cedar notes.  The finish is long and lingering, and one that dedicated whisky lovers will undoubtedly find immensely satisfying.

The Blue Label from Johnnie Walker is a very expensive whisky.  This whisky is for special occasions and deliver precisely what is expected from this price tag and fine caliber whisky: a memorable experience.  The Blue Label by Johnnie Walker is one of the world’s finest blended Scotch whiskies.  It is highly recommended.