Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon Whiskey


Jim Beam’s super-premium, nine year old bourbon Knob Creek has recently gained a sibling in Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve. Bourbon enthusiasts everywhere are heralding the new arrival, particularly because this product represents one of the very finest bourbons America has to offer.




The Nose

With its 120 proof designation, this Knob Creek Reserve product is a whiskey that is bottled at nearly cask strength. While certain bourbon drinkers find such a potent product enjoyable as-is, others will likely prefer to add a bit of cool water. This aids in the full release of all of the aromas and flavors this  beverage brings to bear. When taken without water, this drink comes across as very high in alcohol, with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel following closely behind. When a touch of water is added, however, the whiskey opens considerably, offering notes of oak, spicy rye and an unusual and highly pleasurable bright honey flavor.

Palate and Body

It is unusual for me to suggest adding water to any whiskey, but doing so in the case of the Single Barrel Reserve truly provides an incredible tasting experience. This product is able to stand up to a bit of added water while losing none of its body or flavor. When reaching the palate, this whiskey provides notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon and rye. Drinkers will certainly also notice the oak, the allspice, the clove, the nutmeg and a hint of vanilla cake. The sum of these parts is a bourbon whiskey that is sophisticated, wonderfully tasting and a wholly exceptional drink.

The Finish

There is no mistaking the fact that this whiskey brings with it a lengthy, involved and satisfying finish. Additional notes of dark chocolate emerge first, combined with black walnut, hot cocoa and fudge flavors. Then, apple pie spice, cinnamon and vanilla make their appearance. All of these fade gently from the palate as the drink goes down.

Aficionados are coming to discover that this product is one of the finest bourbon whiskey products available, and a must-have for those who already love Jim Bean, Knob Creek or bourbon whiskey broadly. True bourbon drinkers will surely love making comparisons between traditional Knob Creek and this Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve product, particularly given the difference in their proof ratings. Given the $39.99 suggested retail price for this product, they can be sure they are getting one of the very best deals anywhere.