Lot 40 Canadian Rye Whisky


“Whisky Advocate” chose Lot 40 as the Best Canadian Whisky of 2013. The brand was available even in the U.S. some time back. But it suddenly disappeared from production for over a decade and sparkled a global shortage among Canadian Whisky drinkers. Corby Distilleries re-launched the product in 2012. The product is distilled at the Hiram Walker Plant from 90% rye and 10% of malted rye. A copper pot still is used in the process of distillation. This is a real deal for whisky drinkers in Canada and the U.S. Many drinkers are pleased that it is available in the US market.

Nose – The whisky smells of delicate cherry blossoms, dried golden apples and somewhat of crushed eucalyptus. There is no dusty spice cabinet, but the “rye spice” smells like freshly opened seed pods of allspice and clove. This is what rye whisky is supposed to smell like.

Lot 40 Canadian Whisky


Palate – It is soft on the palate. You find the spices more predominant on the tongue with clear clove and cinnamon. The soft rye grain has a touch of oakiness and a bit of vanilla-flecked caramel. It is good, but not as forceful as the aroma.

The Finish – The finish is mild and of medium-length. The eucalyptus returns with a ghost of fresh mint leaves. There is no bitterness at all. A few drops of water would dull the aroma. The palate become sweeter with some fleshy stone fruit. Avoid water since it does disservice to the lovely aroma.

The product is one of the best Canadian whiskies. In fact, it is the best among any whisky with rye in it. The palate doesn’t live up to the promise of the nose, but you may find it subtle and soft. The finish is quite sedate and unobtrusive.

Anyone preferring Canadian whisky, American Craft whisky, bourbon or rye, should try this whisky. No matter how you access the product, it is important that you smell and taste the Canadian rye whisky immediately. You will never regret your decision.