Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey


Maker’s Mark, which has been well known for its flagship marque for a long time, introduced Maker’s Mark 46 recently.  It is this distillery’s first new product in more than 50 years.  French oak charred staves get inserted into the barrel.  The bourbon is then aged for another 2 to 3 months.  This creates a bourbon that is true to Maker’s Mark classic heritage, but is also a world-class whiskey in its own right.  The first shipment of the Mark 46 was available in stores on July 1.  It is expected that it will sell out very fast.  Fortunately, more 46 is being released this fall.  So be on the look out if you happen to miss it the first time.  Your liquor collection needs to include this whiskey.


The classic sweetness of Maker’s Mark on the nose peeks its way through the veil of spices.  Allspice, clove and cinnamon all make their appearance before giving way to the arrival of Maker’s classic signature caramel and vanilla notes.  The nose has more wood than red wax Maker’s.  However, it is very pleasing and balanced.  This is one of the more pleasant and remarkable bouquet’s I’ve had nosed in quite some time.

Marker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey

Palate And Body

Similar to red wax Maker’s, there is just enough mouthfeel with the Maker’s 46 to coat your mouth.  However it isn’t too oily or thick.  The first thing to hit the palate is lovely spice notes, before fresh warm caramels and creme brulee make an appearance.  This bourbon has a very pleasant toasted oak note.  However, what is especially interesting is it comes on the palate early, which leaves room for its finish without the creation of smoky unpleasant flavors before the ending.  This well crafted whiskey is one that can double as a whiskey to enjoy on its own and also can be turned into fabulous cocktails.  I am especially impressed with how great Maker’s Mark 46 is inside a Manhattan cocktail.  This should be any decent bartender’s first choice when making a Manhattan.  It offers the perfect balance of spice and sweet.


Maker’s 46, on the finish, offers a longer finish than red wax Maker’s, its cousin.  It is dominated by big vanilla notes, with lip-tantalizing orange marmalade and caramel notes making their appearance prior to the hint of a milk chocolate appearing to offer the dessert course at the finish.  Lingering and warm, this world class whiskey has a very pleasing finish.