Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey


To call Maker’s Mark Bourbon whiskey just another whiskey would be a crime. Maker’s Mark has been known for years as a premier brand in America. It is easy to spot Maker’s Mark with its bottles dipped in red wax and its perfectly sweet flavor. The reason Maker’s Mark stands out from the rest is the use of wheat in the mashbill instead of rye. This gives it a softer and sweeter richness that other bourbons can not compare to. When you taste Maker’s Mark you will understand why it pleases drinkers, no matter if you visit the Loretto, Kentucky visitor’s center or buy it off the shelf.


Maker’s Mark carries a nose that is rich with varied aromas. You will notice warm caramel overtones, with underlying scents of vanilla bundt cake and Missouri Oak. As you delve deeper, honey and tinges of fruit can be noticed. And if you have discerning taste buds, a bit of apple pie or cedar shingle might make their presence known.

Marker's Mark Bourbon

Body and Palate

Bourbon drinkers look for a brand with the right mouthfeel, and Maker’s Mark gives just that. It is made perfectly to treat your palate with care, teasing and caressing in its sweetness. Were it made too thin and feel watery, or with too much body that robs it of elegance, then the entire effect would be lost. This is why Maker’s Mark is made with utmost care to preserve the body it is known for.

The play on the the palate is perfect as Maker’s Mark indulges the sweet tooth. It brings a strong flavor of Creme brulee, full of caramel and vanilla tones and then leads to a soft, yet flavorful combination of molasses and burnt sugar to end with.


The finish for Maker’s leaves you wanting more. It teases with a combination of the caramel and vanilla it began with, but includes warm offerings of apple pie spice and freshly-baked, molasses cookies. It seems like it is over before it all began, while the lingering flavors leave your palate smiling.

To not try Maker’s Mark would be shame. It is a shame to miss out on a fine, iconic bourbon that has worldwide recognition for quality. Maker’s Mark is the kind of bourbon that any enthusiast should become acquainted with.