Myths about Tequila


Formerly a spring break drink favorite, tequila has come quite a ways. It’s now a top favorite of bartenders all around the country. Not to mention that there are many premium brand to select from. There are still some all to o common myths and misconceptions regarding tequila. With Cinco de Mayo just a few days away, let’s take a moment and set the record straight.


A Worm In The Bottle

According to Bezuidenhout, a bottle of tequila has never, nor should it ever, have a worm in it. Many low grade mezcals (similar to tequila but not the same) may contain a worm in the bottle. However, no matter what you’re drinking, a worm (or any other creature for that matter) is a bad sign in any bottle.

The Only Tequila Cocktail is a Margarita

Margaritas are beloved drink of many, however, tequila may also be the alcohol used in a variety of other great concoctions. Whether selecting a classic such as Paloma and Sangrita to something like a St. Rita or Mexican Punch, you’ll have a lot of drinks to explore with tequila in them.

Of Course It’s Cactus Juice

This myth is very old however, it’s also not true. Tequila is actually made from agave. Forbidding with its pointy sharp needles and leaves it’s not a true cactus but rather an asparagales which means it’s actually a relative of yucca plants and the Joshua tree. The agave takes several years to reach full maturity and the best tequila comes from plants that are at least a decade old.

Never Mix Aged Tequilas

Again, Bezuidenhout has frequently heard this myth that one should only mix silver tequila (also known as white) in cocktails and sip the aged spirits straight. Rubbish he says. The truth is, using reposado for a Margarita is just fine and offers a spicier spin to the favored drink.

Only Drink Tequila For Shots

Frequently served as a shot, it’s also great for slammers or in mixed drinks. Consider serving it in a wine glass or even in a champagne flute. Over the rocks gives it an “open” flavor. Go ahead and take the time to enjoy the various nuances and flavors of your favorite brand, no need to swig it down all in one shot and lose some of the nuance.