Oval Vodka


July of 2007 marked the United States debut of one of the smoothest vodkas ever created, Oval Vodka. With the tagline, “Vodka’s Natural Evolution,” Oval stands out from the pack thanks to a structuring process that surrounds the spirit with water, giving an unparalleled drinking experience with a super smooth beginning and end, unlike any other vodka on the market. Many traditional vodka fans may find this unattractive, but those looking for vodkas without a hint of alcohol will definitely find it pleasurable.



  • Ultra smooth and clean
  • Fantastic in cocktails, both straight or on the rocks


  • Easy to over-drink as it tasted like water
  • Lack of vodka taste may turn off some drinkers

Oval Vodka


    • Multiple distilled Austrian vodka featuring proprietary structuring process
    • Imported from Austria by Oval America
    • Contains 42% alcohol/volume (84 proof)
    • Retail price of around $36.99/750ml bottle
    • Bottle design won top award at 2007 Vodka Festival

Oval Vodka Review

If you are a fan of drinking your vodka straight, then you’re familiar with the bite of the spirit in the entry and specially in the finish. Most of the top vodka brands feature this unique vodka characteristic, but it is often dulled down considerably. This is what sets Oval Vodka apart from the rest. The company’s proprietary structuring process takes out that kick and replaces it with water. This is the result of the 30-year research by Professor Valery Sorokin. He has patented an 11-day process in which the vodka is enveloped in water, making it ultra-smooth and clean. This process also allows the spirit to be bottled at 84 proof instead of the traditional 80 proof.

After tasting Oval, I have found that it is truly unique and that it would appeal to a certain niche. People looking for a spirited drink but find alcohol-tasting vodkas unappealing will definitely enjoy their drinking experience with Oval Vodka. Those who always drink on the rocks may finally choose to drink it straight, as the vodka is super smooth. It also makes for an excellent base liquor for cocktails. Clean cocktails particularly work well with Oval, such as Vodka Martinis, Mango Tonics, Flirtinis, Cosmopolitans and April Rains. These drinks allow the vodka to shine.

Tasting Notes:

Drinking Oval Vodka is similar to drinking silky water, giving you a distinctly clean palate with touches of fresh grain and soft herbs. Because it is encapsulated in water, the finish is very refreshing, leaving you with the impression that you have not drank vodka at all.