Overview of Beer Styles


Beer, as we know it, can be quite irresistible at times. However, like Rum and wine, beer too has a history of development that can be quite informative and interesting. Here , we list out the different types of beer, how they are brewed and other equally interesting facts that can surprise you along the way.


History of the Brew:

Beer is mostly based on ale or lager, although a third kind known as Lambic is quite popular in Belgium, its popularity is not close to the other two kinds. Beer is best classified into two kinds, based on the type of yeast used. Lager uses a type of yeast that brew at low temperatures, while ale uses yeast that ferments better at warmer temperatures.

Types of Lager Beer:

Lagers are classified into four important types, each of which has been mentioned below:

    • Pale Lager – It is named after its light body color and is highly carbonated, to achieve a lighter flavor. Popular examples of pale lager include Budweiser and Coors.
    • Light Lager – There are two important types of light lager, namely European Light Lager and American Light Lager. While the Americans use barley and hops in order to create a low calorie beer, Europeans ferment beer that is light in taste and pale in color.
    • Dark Lager – Originally made with roasted barley and hops, these are much darker in color and richer in flavor.
    • Pilsner – Pilsner is pale colored like Pale Lager, even though it is more flavorful.

Types of Ale Beer:

Ales can also be classified into four different types, namely,

      • Brown Ale – It is dark red in color and rather mild in flavor.
      • Witbier – Also known as Wheat Beer is brewed with a considerable amount of malted barley and wheat. They usually carry around a flavor of wheat, depending upon brewing styles.
      • Stout – It is a full bodied beer that is the darkest in color and richest in flavor. It has a significant taste of hops and barley.
      • Porter – This is a dark and full body beer, with mild hop and barley flavor. Their rich flavor sometimes resembles that of chocolate.

What are Microbrews?

Microbrews are brewed in small or medium sized breweries. They have a few unique properties that are very rare, due to locally found ingredients and age old brewing customs. These are locally manufactured beer, which are available at specific locations only.

Importance of Beer Tasting:

Beer tasting is a very important task, which needs a constant watchful eye and delicate taste buds. The flavor is important, although not its sole criterion. You need to judge its aroma, color, look, aftertaste and head of foam, in order to get the best feel of the product.

Draught Beer vs. Bottled Brew:

Draught beer or Draft is different from Bottled beer, especially in its pasteurization process. Draft or keg beer is usually less or not pasteurized at all, which needs a cool keg, in order to keep the beer at a certain temperature. Bottled beer is pasteurized at certain temperatures and packed at the same. Hence, they will definitely tickle your taste buds differently.