Overview of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Paul Camusi and Ken Grossman founded the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company at the end of the 1970s, and then actually brewed their first beer one year later in 1980.  Their company is one of the largest breweries in the country, and yearly, they yield approximately 800,000 barrels of various beers. Thanks to this brewery, the Anchor Steam Brewing Company and New Albion Brewing, there has been a significant upturn in the interest for American crafted beer.

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company produces 20 different beers each year, and five of them are produced throughout the year, with the remaining 15 brewed only seasonally or as limited editions. Their pale ale has secured a place at the well known Great American Beer Festival numerous times, and they have won quite a number of awards for the other beers they produce.

The pale ale brewed by Sierra Nevada is modeled after early pale ales created in America. American pale ale is modeled after pale ales created in Britain, but Amarillo and Simcoe hops have been added. This type of brew has a lot of flavor, and newer brewing companies have since decided to follow the same path, while putting their own twist on styles that are familiar.

Sierra Nevada Beer

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale details:

Style of beer: American pale ale (or APA)
Alcohol content: 5.60 percent by volume
Bitterness units: 38
Serving Temp: anywhere from 54-58 F

Sierra Nevada’s pale ale has a head with a medium body, retention that is medium light, and it has a color that is considered to be a deep amber. It has a floral and piney scent. The notes of pine are spicy and are balanced out by the sweet scent of the floral notes. The ale’s malt is balanced well with a bitterness that stands out and a mouth feel that is somewhat resinous. The body is a balanced full to medium, and it has caramel malts that can be easily tasted and they help to balance the bitterness out.

This is a session pale ale thanks to the medium long finish that has some bitterness from lemon rind so that it’s not sweet tasting. Both beer experts and novice beer drinkers enjoy this beer for legitimate reasons. Sierra Nevada has tried hard to brew a variety of very good session beers and craft beers as well as being consistent in their high quality offerings, and they have succeeded in doing exactly that.