Overview Of Tennessee Whiskey


America is known for various contributions to the global population and one of these exciting contributions is whiskey!  There are two famous brands that are produced in the United States, each equally delicious in their own right although slightly different – Kentucky whiskey and Tennessee whiskey.

The primary ingredients and aging process Tennessee whiskey has to undergo in order to become that world famous drink is very similar to bourbon.  This alcoholic beverage is made from a minimum of 51% corn, must be aged for at least 2 years in newly charred oak barrels AND must be bottled at 80 proof or 40% above.  Basically, yes the distilling and barrel aging process is almost exactly like bourbon; the only difference is that Tennessee whiskey will undergo something known as the ‘Lincoln County Process’ whereas bourbon does not.

So, what is this ‘Lincoln County Process’?  The ‘Lincoln County Process’ refers to the procedure of a new spirit dripping through sugar maple charcoal.  This dripping aims to mellow the whiskey before it is placed in the barrel; whereas bourbon is sent directly into the barrel without any dripping.  By using this technique, the charcoal creates a much softer and drier flavor allowing some vanilla and caramel flavors to come through in the whiskey; however, you may also taste some subtler flavors like licorice that will generally complement the predominate vanilla and caramel.

Tennessee Whiskey

Nowadays, you will see that Tennessee only has two whiskey distillers left in operation: George Dickel and the famous Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels is famous for four different types of Tennessee whiskey, which will be discussed below:

Jack Daniels’ Green Label whiskey has a softer taste and is one of the more popular option with a cult-type following among whiskey enthusiasts.  However, it is only available in certain U.S. States.

Jack Daniels’ Black Label or Old No. 7 is an iconic brand and most globally recognized choice remaining Jack Daniels best seller.  It has a soft, mellow whiskey with a strong licorice flavor.

Jack Daniels’ Gentleman Jack is the premier version of the brand and is the only option to be placed through the ‘Lincoln County Process’ twice ensuring ultimate smoothness.

Jack Daniels’ Single Barrel is the most robust of all offering a full-bodied 94 proof.  It is currently the only single barrel Tennessee whiskey available worldwide.

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

The George Dickel distillery produces three different types of Tennessee whiskey:

Dickel #8 is bottled at 80 proof and presents with strong vanilla and caramel flavors.

Dickel #12 is the 90 proof option and presents with a drier style infused with hints of vanilla and oak.

The Dickel Barrel Select option is a small batch of Tennessee whiskey where 10 barrels are blended simultaneously to create this award-winning drink.