Patron Silver Tequila


If you’re looking for a bottle of tequila that can make anyone like tequila, you’ve found it with Patron. It is an incredible mixer for cocktails, is ultra-smooth and has the full flavor of agave without being overwhelming. This is especially true of the Patron Silver, which adds a true and rich flavor of agave without tasting the distillery’s aged bottling oak. Long a fixture in the tequila industry, the Patron Company has many other interesting spirits, but their base tequila is definitely out of this world. This Silver is the one I usually reach for when I am mixing. It is simply my choice and a spirit that I know I can rely on.



Silver tequila is ultra-smooth and is perfect for mixing.

If you like tequila cocktails that are fruity, you will love this tequila.

It features handmade, numbered collector’s bottles.


It is an expensive tequila.

Patron Silver Tequila


It is a tequila that is 100% blue weber agave and is distilled in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico in Atotonilco

The Patron Spirits Company is its producer

Its retail price is about $43 for a 750ml bottle

It is 40% alc/volume, which is 80 proof

Guide Review – Patron Silver Tequila

In the highlands of Jalisco, Patron distills all of its tequilas from 100% blue weber agave. Harvested at about 8 years of growth, the agave pinas are then sent to the distillery which is nearby for processing. It is rare in tequila production today to use a tahona wheel, but Patron is still using this traditional method for crushing the baked agave.

They use a combination of modern roller methods along with this traditional way and it is Master Distiller, Francisco Alcaraz’s job to unite the two into his unique recipe for Patron. There is just something about extracting the juice in the old-fashioned way that adds a great deal of depth to the tequila. This also adds a lot to its flavor, even if it is only a partial mix.

My real interest in Patron Silver is in its mixability. Although it is always good to sip, it’s best as a stable mixed drink with a sprinkling of fresh fruits. There are not just a fruit flavors either. There is a wide choice ranging from blackberry to orange, and cranberry to grapefruit. This tequila thrives on fruit and it produces waves of sweet agave that come out through the back of the fruit in a way that is impossible to resist.

There are several great examples of fruit highballs including Patron Pineapple, Patron Pomegranate and Patron Grapefruit. There are even some drinks that are a little more complicated including Gold Cosmopolitan and Red Carpet. Patron Silver is at its very best when it is used in these simple tequila cocktails, filled with fruit flavor.

Tasting Notes:

Patron Silver possesses a sunshine feeling that is earthy and tickles the nose with a soft and sweet kiss of agave that is simply irresistible. Its palate is sultry and ultra-smooth, which transforms into a caramel that is warm with the softness of butter and light spice. It finishes with a sweetness that is long and warm and a spice that is stronger.