Petite Sirah Wine


Petite Sirah has been leaping to the best wine lists of connoisseurs and everyday enthusiasts. From its bold origination in the Rhone Valley of France, California (particularly in the Paso Robles region) has been making a strong showing with the most recent productions. The consumption of Petite Sirah has also been showing strong growth in Israel, Australia, South Africa and across much of South America. The Petite Sirah wine is produced from a traditional red wine grape that got its name because of the its relative size. It is smaller than many of the other red wine grapes, and so it became known as petite. This has nothing to do with how the wine tastes on the palate. Actually, the grape has a thick skin and a dark red color, and is loaded with strong tannins. This give the wine a full bodied taste, and it has some bold and big jammy flavor. Often there will be strong overtones of black pepper, spice, and an overall dark fruit flavor. Even though the names are similar, Petite Sirah is not the same as the grape which produces Syrah (also known as Shiraz) wines. The grapes may be a cross-pollination of another regional Rhone grape known as Durif (sometimes Peloursin). DNA testing is still not conclusive about this.

Most often in the past, Petite Sirah has been used for blending with other varietals. It contributes a consistent color and structure) which can give wines such as Zinfandel a more attractive color and a little more backbone. Recently, however, Petite Sirah has come into its own recognition as a single varietal, and has turned up a huge and grown fan base.

Petite Sirah Food Pairings

As with most intense bodied red wines, any deep flavored meat works well. Grilled beef, many varieties of wild game, sausage, duck, and even Mexican food and hamburgers are spectacular when paired with Petite Sirah. Because of the strong tannins, any hearty meal enjoyed with Petite Sirah will please any palate.

Petite Sirah Wine

What Petite Sirah Wines Are Good To Buy

Concannon Conservancy Petite Sirah – An approachable wine that can be enjoyed every day, hints of black cherry and blackberry touch your nose, right along with some chocolate and coffee whiffs. A homemade hamburger and french fries will come alive. This is a wine that will work for you every time.

Imagery Petite Sirah – Super big and bold, the dark fruit concentration and pleasant earthy touches work well with the complex tannin structure.

Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Petite Sirah 2011 ($20) – A little less bold than some of its cousins, this is a fruit forward wine with an enjoyable fragrance of ripe berries, and tasting of black plum. Mixed in are some all-spice overtones.

Vina Robles Petite Sirah – Dark fruit kisses you first on your nose, then your palate. Black cherries, blackberries and chocolate are exuded from a deeply rich tannin structure. This is a great wine to keep in your cellar.

Foppiano Russian River Petite Sirah – Blackberry jam, black pepper spices, and hints of vanilla are well mixed with just right tannins.

Be sure to try Petite Sirah Wines from all of these wine makers: Bogle, Foppiano, Concannon, Vina Robles, Francis Ford Coppola, Benziger