Piña Colada


Everyone heard of Pina Colada, a popular tropical drink with a mix of rum, coconut and pineapple.  There is a frozen/blended and shaking version to make Pina Colada and you can mix it either way with mixologist Simon Ford’s recipe but whatever you choose will take you to paradise. 






  • 2 ounce of light or gold rum
  • 2 ounce of coconut milk
  • 2 ounce of pineapple juice

How to prepare Pina Colada Cocktail:

Pour all the ingredients into a blender with crushed ice.  Blend till it’s smooth and then serve it in a Collins or Hurricane glass.  If you want to make it with shaker, you can add all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.  Shake well and strain the content into a glass that is full of ice.  To garnish you can use pineapple wedge and/or cherry.