Pomegranate Gin Fizz


If you’re looking for fruity and refreshing gin based drink, Gin Fizz is a great choice.  And to give this classic cocktail an herbal twist, pomegranate Gin Fizz would be fantastic mix drink using Beefeater Dry Summer Edition Gin.  If you can’t find Dry Summer, you should go to lighter style such as Hendrick’s or G’Vine.  





If needed, pomegranate juice may be used it is suggested to use fresh lime juice and siphon soda.  It’s also strongly suggested to use egg white but you can also mix this drink without it.

How to prepare pomegranate Gin Fizz:

Pour the gin, syrup, egg white and juice into a shaker filled with ice.  Shake it very well especially if you use egg to make sure it is mixed thoroughly with other content.  Pour the content into a chilled high glass with ice cubes and top it with soda water.   You can also garnish it with lime wedge, cherry or mint.