Popular Premium Vodka Brands


Compared to the entire distilled spirits industry, vodka is currently one of the more popular types of liquor.  There are numerous vodka producers, including many boutique vodka brands and big names alike, with more coming to the market all the time.  Our list includes some of the big vodka names, those brands that just about everyone recognizes, including non-drinkers, and can be called by their names when ordering drinks.  The popular vodka brands listed here are ones that can be found on practically every liquor shelf and bar back, and are perfect for just about any type of vodka cocktails that you would like to mix them with.  The list also includes a good selection of flavored vodkas as well.


Absolut vodka

Most of the fame for Absolut has been received due to its innovative advertising that depicts their vodka bottles in different graphically enhanced circumstances.  The advertising has paid off very well.  I’ve always admired the company’s campaigns over the years.  Their vodka, however, to me it’s good, but it isn’t great.

It is true that Absolut offers a quality product to vodka drinkers.  This vodka has a clean taste and, in moderation, doesn’t cause you to scream for ibuprofen the next morning.  There is one thing that I absolutely love when it comes to Absolut.  It is their innovative flavors.  I am always impressed by the company’s city line of flavored vodkas.  They are very unique flavor combinations.  They have limited releases, but also serve as inspiration for infusions made at home.

Grey Goose

grey goose vodka

This is among my top “go to” vodkas.  If you are ever in doubt of what to order, just go with Grey Goose.  You won’t ever be disappointed.  This is one of the most mixable and smoothest vodkas around.  Fortunately, it is also very easy to find.  You can find it in almost any liquor store, most bars and majority of supermarkets and grocery stores.  Any liquor provider that is reputable will have the clear Grey Goose vodka at a minimum.  This is definitely a staple item.

In addition to their clear staple vodka, the company also produces a nice flavored vodka line as well.  La Poire is the most impressive of all.  This is a pear-flavored vodka that is absolutely delicious in many different cocktails.  I could mix using this one flavored vodka all day long.  Click here to learn more about Grey Goose Vodka

Van Gogh

van gogh vodka

Van Gogh is definitely among the best premium vodkas.  As of 2010, their product offering exceeded 20 different vodkas.  Although it started out being a Dutch gin distillery, the brand is among the best vodkas you can ever find.

The Van Gogh clear vodka provides a benchmark.  It is very refreshing, clean and smooth.  However, if you are really wanting to have a special vodka treat, try Van Gogh Blue.  This triple wheat vodka is surprisingly flavorful and extremely smooth.

Van Gogh offers just about anything you can think of in terms of flavored vodka.  They offer the usual Pomegranate, Citrus, Mango and Orange.  However, for something a little more decadent, you should try their Caramel, Chocolate or Espresso.  Click here to learn more about Van Gogh Vodka

Ketel One

Ketel One Vodka

For a no frills, ultimate smooth vodka, Ketel One is where it’s at.  This is definitely among the cleanest vodkas that you will ever encounter.  It almost seems like a shame to mix this vodka into a cocktail.  Just chilling it and serving it over ice is quite a thrill.  This vodka begs you to share it with a few of your closest friends while using your favorite vodka chiller set.

Ketel One company derives from the Nolet Dutch distillers family.  It is currently on the 10th generation.  It is an unusual family legacy when it comes to big vodka names.  The brand’s two flavored vodkas (Orange and Citroen) have very delicate flavors.  When I mix Ketel One, it’s best to keep things simple: the best is a Martini or Vodka Tonic.  Click here to learn more about Ketel One Vodka

Chopin Vodka

Chopin Vodka

So what is unique about Chopin vodka?  This Polish potato vodka gets its name from Frederic Chopin, the famous composer.  This is an excellent choice if you are searching for a very smooth vodka.  Usually potato vodkas aren’t as well received as ones distilled from grains.  However, Chopin’s quality will change just about anybody’s mind when it comes to the potato.  To compare grain and potato vodka, place the Chopin next to Ketel One.  This will provide you with a greater appreciation for each of these vodkas and help to further expand your palate for the future.

Although Chopin’s counterparts have all expanded into flavored vodkas, this company has stuck with their one vodka brand.  After all, when you’ve got something great, don’t mess with things.  Chopin is a great vodka without a doubt.


Belvedere vodka

This is a fine Polish vodka housed in a very elegant frosted bottle.  It looks fabulous when displayed at the bar.  The brand’s flagship is their original clear bottling.  For high-class cocktails, it makes a great choice.  It has a very unique taste that is derived from using rye.  This gives this vodka a backbone when it comes to flavor.

The remainder of their product line isn’t as well known.  Belvedere is experimenting with flavors.  They do have several gentle and elegant flavors, including Citrus, Orange, Black Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit.  However, the one that really makes you stand back and pay attention to it is the Belvedere IX (One-X).  This vodka is an infusion of nine different flavors, including jasmine, ginger, guarana and almond.  It is quite interesting.


stolichnya vodka

Stolichnaya vodka, often affectionately shortened to the much shorter “Stoli” is a premium brand of vodka that is great for everyday use, either on its own or in cocktails. This Russian brand of vodka is available in standard and flavored varieties around the world. Stolichnaya vodka often names their flavored vodkas with a Russian flair that is still recognizable to those who don’t speak the language. They include Strasberi, Oranj, and Peachik which, as you might have guessed, are Strawberry, Orange, and Peach flavored. In addition to this fun and unique spelling, the flavors of this brand of vodka do not disappoint.  Click here to learn more about Stoli Vodka


zyr vodka

Zyr brand vodka is rapidly gaining popularity. This top shelf vodka won’t be found in over proof or flavored varieties. Zyr brand vodka takes great pride in it’s smooth traditional vodka taste. The flavor of this vodka comes from the Russian rye and winter wheat that is used in the distillation process. Unfortunately, Zyr vodka is not as widely available as many of the others on this list, however that is changing as more and more people discover this hidden gem of the vodka world. It is well worth the effort to locate.

Hangar One

hanger one vodka

Hanger One is a premium vodka with 2 factors that set it apart from the crowd. The first is that it is made using Viognier grapes, a variety of grape that is more often seen used in the production of white wine. These grapes are a unique base distillate that few vodka makers use, let alone use correctly. Ciroc is the only other major brand to do this well. The second is that it gets its name from the abandoned Navy hangar that it is made in. Hangar One is a relative newcomer to the vodka market, but it is one that has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. Many attribute this to the fact that once it is tasted, it often becomes the vodka of choice. Hangar One vodka is available in traditional plain and unique flavored varieties such as Mandarin Blossom, Buddha’s Hand Citron, and Kaffir Lime.

Three Olives

three olives vodka

Vodka from the Three Olives brand is available in crystal clear plain and the traditional flavors that are must haves in any bar such as citrus and berry. Three Olives also produces many unique flavors that you won’t be able to find in other brands. These include Root Beer, a limited but flavorful treat that is smooth and tasty, and Triple Shot Espresso which, like the Espresso beverage it gets its flavor from, is caffeinated. You can even find unusual varieties such as Tomato, which may seem a little strange until you try it as a tasty addition to the traditional Bloody Mary cocktail.


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