Review of Redhook Pilsner


Redhook was able to introduce its first Lager: Redhook Pilsner during the summer of 2010. The launch was quite popular, similar to the time when Spoetzl introduced its first Ale. It is great to see a brewery venture into new territory anyway.

Redhook is considered one of the grand old men of the craft beer revolution. The brewery became popular in the market with the different kinds of Ales put to the market. But it never strayed into the Lager territory until recently. So, I was really surprised to the materials from promotional team of Redhook. They were promoting their new Pilsner as a Super Bowl beer, and I remember that I was wondering for how long this has been going on and why no one told me about it. I actually asked the promotional team about this and they told me that after the one-off seasonal launch of their Pilsner, there were many customers inquiring about the product. In fact, the customer response to the launch was so strong that they added it to the regular line of products. So I got few bottles of the Pilsner for my tasting purposes.    

Notes and Review

The Pilsner has a medium straw color. The white head is quite weak and would fall fairly quickly. The nose is subtle which has a grainy sweetness and no hops detectable. The flavor of the Pilsner is sweet with a little bitterness coming at the end. The mouth-feel is quite soft which reminds me of the Bohemian style Pilsners. The strong hops bitterness towards the end of the drink makes it similar to a German Pils.

The drink is enjoyable and certainly a very good choice when compared to most of the other pale lagers. The odd mix of softness and the ending hop taste keeps me coming back for more and more.

The bottles used in the Redhook brewery are stubby and beefy which is quite new to me. Even though I don’t mind it much, it is definitely remarkable.