Riesling Wine


The German Riesling wines come from the beautiful Rhein and Mosel river regions. This was where the well-known white grape became well established. The Riesling type of wine is quite flexible and can be made into light and easy going wines as well as full and fruity wines.

This variety of uses means that Riesling is one of the rising stars in the world of quality wines. It has become well known to many top restaurants and goes well with a whole range of different gourmet dishes. The lightness of its flavor is helping it become even more popular.

There are different categories within the family of Riesling wines. These are based on the level of dryness and how ripe the grapes were when they were picked off the vine. There are actually two levels of dryness used which are trocken and Halbtrocken which translate as dry and half dry in English.

Riesling Wines

The Flavor Of Riesling Wine

Much of the familiar flavor of Riesling wines comes from the ground where the grapes are grown. There are unique mineral deposits that clearly affect the flavor of the wine. Two of these that are best known are Limestone and Slate. You can also detect the aroma of apple, pear and peach. Along with these flavors are hints of honey and citrus.

What Can You Pair Riesling Wine With?

You can eat almost anything with this type of wine. That is why it is so popular and sells so well. You can use it to accompany light tasting seafood dishes or the spiciest of curries from Indian cuisine. South American food from Mexico and Brazil will also go well with Riesling wine.

Main Character

Riesling is a modern and versatile wine that will go with almost any meal. You can serve it with chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian meals. There will be a Riesling that will be suitable for your meal. Each wine is classified with a unique Ripeness Classification System that helps wine drinkers to choose the exact wine for their palate. You can have anything from Very dry to full sweet wine from the Riesling family of wines.