Scapa 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky


From the sweet, smooth taste to the appealing affordability, it is no wonder that Scapa’s 14 year old Scotch has been a favorite amongst whisky lover for many years. Now, the distillery is delighted to release the 16 year old Scotch, a little older, but a whole lot more tasty. Boasting its two year advantage with a smooth velvet palate, this supreme whisky is the passion and pride of the 3-man distillery, expertly headed by Master Distiller Stuart Pirie. The superior taste of Scapa’s 16 year old makes it ideal as a smooth sipper, yet a perfect ingredient in Rob Roy, Affinity and other delicate and loved Scotch cocktails.

What Makes Scapa’s 16 Year Old Sensational

– Perfectly balanced and sweet.
– Excellently priced for a versatile whisky that can be sipped or mixed
– An exceptional upgrade from the Scapa’s 14 year old.

Scapa 16 Year Old Single Malt ScotchScapa’s Side Points

The only con we can see about this whisky, is the increase in price due to the extra two years. The whisky itself will show how worthy it is of the extra few dollars.

Scapa’s Specifics

– This Single Malt 16 Year Old is replacing the 14 Year Old.
– Scapa’s is a fine Scotch whisky from the Orkney islands, the whisky is fermented for 100 hours and undergoes the 16 year aging process in new American oak.
– Importation is by Pernod Ricard USA
– A 750ml bottle retails for approximately $75
– The US release date for Scapa’s 16 Year Old was February 2009.

Guide To The Scottish Pride – Scapa’s 16 Year Old Scotch

With a rich history dating back to 1885 and an enchantingly unique location in the Orkney Islands, the Scapa distillery knows how to create excellent and memorable whisky. Perfectly combining the smooth and sweet Speyside-styled malts with a hint of brine from the sea-side Islay malts, this whisky undergoes a slow fermentation period of 100 hours. Its journey continues through two stills, including the unique and rare Lomond pot still, before being aged in new American oak.

Scapa’s 16 Year Old Scotch balances on the price brink of being a mixable scotch. Its intriguing profile makes it ideal as a mixer, yet its price tag may hold it back as a sipper. I find a happy compromise can be reached by keeping this fine whisky for neat drinks that require equal quality mixers, the Rusty Nail serving as a perfect example.

Tasting Notes For A Supreme Scotch

Scapa’s 16 Year Old Scotch opens with a fusion of sweet, mellow, and rich tones.  The palate boasts a velvety, floral experience, combining a hint of bitter peat with a well rounded bright profile. The finish is unforgettable – in contrast to the main palate the experience is dry, dark, oaky and exceptionally lingering.